#FCGradStories 2024

Explore the stories of these featured graduates.

Every year, Flagler College grads passionately exemplify intelligence, creativity, skill, and entrepreneurship. The Class of 2024 is no exception, consisting of more than 500 students who have joined the incredible company of the College's alumni network. This network of Saints continuously proves the value of a Flagler experience.

We asked professors and staff to recommend a robust group of graduating seniors from the Class of 2024 who boldly embody what it means to be a Saint. 

Explore the stories of these featured graduates, the wisdom they’ve collected, and the caliber of excellence they achieved at Flagler College:

Joel Nesi contact card
Joel Nesi

Business Administration, and Finance majors

“My Flagler experience was memorable, loving, and community oriented.”

Helena Rodriguez contact card
Helena Rodriguez

Art History, and International Studies (Political Science concentration) majors

“My Flagler experience was transformative, edifying, and interdisciplinary.” 

Amuk Tong contact card
Amuk Tong

Sport Management major

“My Flagler experience was transformative, innovative, and achievable.” 

Helena Rodriguez
Alana Caballero-Rivera

International Studies major (Political Science concentration)

“My Flagler experience was transformative, challenging, and unforgettable.”

Jake Van Clief
Jake Van Clief

Political Science major 

“My Flagler experience was transformative, inspiring, and peaceful.”

Lindsey Wood contact card
Lindsey Wood

International Business, and Accounting majors

“My Flagler Experience was transformative, enriching, and adventurous.”

Carly Shaw contact card
Carly Shaw

Coastal Environmental Science major

“My Flagler experience was encouraging, inspiring, and fulfilling.”

Olivia Davis contact card
Olivia Davis

Political Science major

“My Flagler experience was challenging, inspiring, and silly.”

Tyler Collier
Tyler Collier

Sport Management major

“My Flagler experience was challenging, motivating, and unforgettable.”

Shane Nelson contact card
Shane Nelson

Criminology major

“My Flagler experience was fueled by coffee!”

Ashley Chatmon
Ashley Chatmon

Digital Media Production & Journalism, and Media Studies majors

“My Flagler experience was unhinged, funky, and fresh.”

Caroline Blaha contact card
Caroline Blaha

Coastal Environmental Science major

“My Flager experience was enriching, genuine, and a true journey.”

Gabe Gervai contact card
Gabe Gervai

Business Administration major

“My Flagler experience was positive, powerful, and transformative.”

Kailey Tucker
Kailey Tucker

English major (Writing concentration)

“My Flagler experience was exciting, memorable, and unique.”

Ann Beverley contact card
Ann Beverley

English, and Philosophy & Religion major

“My Flagler experience was redeeming, fruitful, an inimitable.”