Current Employees

We enrich lives by creating a thoughtful, personalized experience in a supportive educational community. 

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For our valued current employees at Flagler College, our community thrives on our core values: Thoughtful Stewardship, Citizenship with Integrity, Inclusivity, and Transformative Learning. Together, we champion responsible resource management, uphold ethical citizenship, and nurture an inclusive and respectful culture. We invite you to be an integral part of this transformative journey, empowering both students and colleagues. Your dedication is the cornerstone of our vibrant community.

A faculty member talks to students at a shrine in downtown St. Augustine.

Resources for Faculty

Discover a world of support and resources as a Flagler College faculty member. From the Center for Teaching and Learning to Faculty Administrative Support and the Faculty Senate, we're dedicated to empowering your teaching and research journey.

Staff attending the Staff Olympics sponsored by COSA

Resources for Staff

The Council on Staff Affairs (COSA) is a vital part of Flagler College's mission, fostering a sense of community and ensuring that every staff member has a valued voice. Committed to building a supportive and inclusive workplace environment, COSA works tirelessly to champion the interests and well-being of our dedicated staff, making Flagler an even better place to work and thrive.

Council on Staff Affairs (must log in)

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Our Human Resources Team

Our Human Resources team is dedicated to helping the institution find the best talent, nurture professional development and recognition on campus. 

Meet the Human Resources Team