Types of Housing

You have lots of options when you choose to live on campus at Flagler College. Here's an overview.

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Room Formats

Jack-and-Jill style rooms are found in Cedar Hall, Lewis Hall, and some Ponce Hall rooms. 

They are designed so that two or three roommates share a bathroom with two or three suitemates. Bathrooms typically have one shower and one toilet (Cedar Hall), but some may have two sinks (Lewis Hall), or multiple toilets/showers depending on the number of residents sharing a bathroom (Ponce Hall).

In private rooms, two residents share a private bathroom and shower.

Suite-Style rooms are found in Abare Hall. 

They allow three to four residents to live together in one suite with a private bathroom and shower for all. They are designed so that one resident has a private bedroom while the other two share.

What is Gender-Inclusive Housing?

Gender Inclusive Housing aims to create an environment where a resident is not restricted to the traditional limitations set out by the gender binary (male/female). 

Instead, it allows the Office of Residence Life to work based on the understanding that more than two genders exist or that one does not have a gender. 

The Office of Residence Life is committed to establishing an inclusive and diverse environment where residents can thrive without the fear of hiding an identity. This means that Gender Inclusive Housing grants the opportunity for residents from all gender identities and expressions to live together if they choose.

Is Gender-Inclusive Housing Just for LGBTQIA2S+ Residents?

It is a common myth and stereotype that just members of the LGBTQIA2S+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Intersex, Asexual/Ally, 2-Spirited, and more) community are those that request Gender Inclusive Housing. 

In fact, Gender Inclusive Housing is available and provided for residents throughout the entirety of the sexuality spectrum. It allows for any resident to live with people with whom they feel comfortable regardless of gender or lack of gender. 

Residents who select Gender Inclusive Housing must be comfortable and open to living with anyone regardless of gender or lack of gender. There are various reasons why a resident may choose to live in Gender Inclusive Housing, and being a member of the LGBTQIA2S+ community is not always an identity they may carry.

Who Can Select Gender-Inclusive Housing?

Gender Inclusive Housing is available for all residents of Flagler College who are comfortable living with other residents who may have a different gender from them or may not have a gender.

Who Lives in Gender-Inclusive Housing?

Only those residents who fill out the Gender Inclusive Housing Application will be permitted to live in Gender Inclusive Housing. Room changes will not occur in those spaces unless both (or more) parties fill out the Gender Inclusive Housing Application.

What if My Parent or Guardian Doesn't Want Me To Live In Gender-Inclusive Housing?

The Office of Residence Life encourages all residents to make critical decisions about their future, prioritizing their own mental and physical health as a priority. 

While we understand that family members and their inputs play a large role in our decision-making, we also understand that sometimes our decisions do not always align with those factors as well. The decision to live in Gender-Inclusive Housing is the resident's.

Is Gender-Inclusive Housing for Romantic or Domestic Partners?

No, Gender Inclusive Housing is not designed to be a space for romantic or domestic partners. The housing is designed to support residents throughout the entirety of the gender spectrum, and lack of gender, so that they have space.



Perks in Every Residence Hall

The following are amenities that are found in every residence hall on campus. Please note that cable is not provided in the residence halls. Residents may request cable by calling Xfinity at 1-877-530-1219.

  • Security-controlled card access
  • Free laundry facilities with live web access showing available machines
  • Twin-sized extra-long beds
  • Closet or wardrobe and dresser for each student
  • Desk and chair for each student
  • Microfridge and microwave
  • 24/7 security
  • Campus-wide Wi-Fi and tech support are available

Flagler is also home to a number of central amenities. They're all within easy walking access from the halls and shared by students, faculty, and staff around campus. 

They include:

  • Three dining locations, including Dining Hall, P.O.D., and The Bistro (home to The Kookaburra Coffee, Chick-Fil-A, and Boar's Head Deli)
  • Swimming pool with lounge area
  • Recreation area featuring pool, air hockey, and video games
  • Flat-screen TVs with cable
  • Computer labs with print stations
  • Access to an all-student Fitness Center and sand Volleyball court