Community Integrative Education

Community-Integrative Education (CIE) allows Flagler College students to engage in various high-impact practices.

What is Community Integrative Education (CIE)?

CIE unifies various off-campus learning strategies and programs, providing students, faculty, staff, and community partners with a mutually beneficial experience. CIE foregrounds collaborative conditions for transformative learning, which can lead to new commitments to build sustainable communities of practice concerned with civic engagement.

Become a Community Partner

Community partners are integral in providing unique opportunities for our students to learn and grow in the real world. If you are an organization in Northeast Florida and are interested in partnering with us, please fill out this form, and someone from the CIE team will connect. 

Community Partnership Form 

There are several distinct approaches to community engagement. Review the examples below for examples of how you can engage in meaningful and diverse practices. 

Types of CIE Experiences

Service-learning integrates and enhances the curriculum of an academic course, taking skills and theories taught in the classroom and applying them to a community need. This practice provides structured time for students to reflect on and understand the relationship between course material, community needs, and the community service provided. Service-learning promotes a student’s sense of personal values and civic responsibility. 

Study Abroad is a short-term, credit-bearing program offered off campus at either an international or domestic site. CIE study abroad aims to integrate experiential learning with more traditional classroom experiences and assignments. Flagler College faculty members teach these programs.

Internships can be paid, or unpaid, for college course credit, and/or for professional licensure. As per the Department of Labor, the internship must primarily benefit the student. 

Practicum involves exposure to the real world and is generally done part-time or for a small duration. This can be described as a type of field experience where a student has to assist someone, observe, or record data and take limited responsibility. That responsibility may include service-learning.

Field Trips are a faculty-led visit to an off-campus location that provides an educational experience for students directly related to a course. Field trips may take place throughout the semester and should allow students the opportunity to observe or participate in tasks or programs that enhance the normal classroom experience. 

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