Center for Religion and Culture

A Life Well Lived Class outside on the West Lawn

Flagler College's Center for Religion and Culture creates scholarship, community outreach, and student learning and study abroad opportunities.

Our focus areas are: research, critical reflection and scholarship, outreach and service to communities of practice, and courses and study abroad opportunities for Flagler students. You can find out more below.

About Us

We promote dialogue and the study of religion on campus and among Northeast Florida residents.

Flagler College has a unique advantage in exploring religious beliefs and practices. That's because we have history.

You can see Henry Flagler's respect for religion, culture, and civic duty in many places in St. Augustine, in the houses of worship he built. But long before Flagler, the native people here—the Timucua—established a rich religious culture that deserves to be discovered. So do the religious cultures of the Africans and Europeans who lived here during the colonial times.

Built on the rich foundation of this history, Flagler College is committed to shaping the future of dialogue, practices that shape our communities, and cultivating unique opportunities for students to chart their own paths forward. 

Our Efforts

Some of the Center's offerings and initiatives include:

Our Courses

We also offer creative and compelling FlagSHIP and Core Classes such as:

  • A Life Well Lived
  • A Walk on the Wind: A Journey to Self
  • From Adam to the Apocalypse

Flagler College also offers:

Our Programs

Learn more about Center for Religion and Culture programs below.

Raymond Sheindlin is an author, scholar, and writer.
Usdin Lecture Series

Learn more about the Cecile & Gene Usdin Judeo-Christian Lecture Series speakers.

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Youth Ministry Forum

Find out who our 2024 speakers are, how to register, and more.

Missing Voices Project logo
The Missing Voices Project

By listening to young people from the margins, we will learn about youth ministry in ways that will transform us all.

Artist rendition of the Interfaith Center
Joyner Interfaith Center

We're raising funds for the Joyner Interfaith Center, a space for all to pray, reflect, and meditate in their own way and faith.

Meet the Director

Justin Forbes
Justin Forbes
Director, Center for Religion and Culture
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Early Visions of Florida

Learn about how the native Timucuan people helped spread Christianity with Flagler professor Dr. Timothy Johnson.