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Why Flagler

We are all born to make a difference. Make a discovery. Make a change. Make a name. Here’s why Flagler is the place for you to make history.

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#3 Best College in South-Regional; US World News & Report
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Henry Flagler

Our History

We’ve been giving students a rich, thorough liberal arts education in a small, supportive
environment since we became a college in 1968. Yet our heritage dates back more than 130 years
— to when Henry Flagler first built the Hotel Ponce de Leon.

The Evidence

Flagler students are immersed in an ancient city steeped in rich history. Our campus is at the heart of St. Augustine. We draw it into our Flagler experience. It informs how and where we learn by becoming our real-world, living classroom. 

At Flagler, people support each other. This happens in the classroom, at games, and wherever needed. Here, connections are forged that last long after the college experience. Professors inspire their students, connect with them, and push them forward to new levels. This is a family you can count on. 

We learn by doing. We seek out experiences that enrich the Flagler learning experience. FlagSHIP, our innovative Core Curriculum, and each and every class at Flagler takes students out of the theoretical and into reality. 

Flagler alumni live around the world. They are fierce and lead new ideas wherever they roam—from small businesses to cutting-edge companies. They embody the entrepreneurial spirit of Henry Flagler. In addition to that individual impact, we’re also talking about institutional impact. Flagler College is a small college with big guts. 

Our Outcomes

Studying abroad takes students looking to gain a broader perspective on the world around the globe. But our idea of global education is exactly that by cultivating international reciprocal relationships that create opportunities for students and faculty to collaborate with peers worldwide. This diverse and comprehensive educational experience prepares students for a globally interconnected future. 

Competing in 14 varsity sports in Division II of the NCAA, the Flagler College Saints are a six-time recipient of the Peach Belt Conference Institution of the Year Sportsman Award. 

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Our Location

Flagler students experience St. Augustine's rich history using the city as their living classroom.

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Our Hands-On and Real-World Experiences

At Flagler, learning happens through enriching, hands-on experiences beyond the traditional classroom.

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Our Flagler Community

Flagler fosters strong connections and support, creating lasting bonds within a family-like community.

Henry Flagler statue
Our History

Flagler College's heart lies in the historic Ponce de Leon Hotel, a name often synonymous with our institution.

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Our Impact

Flagler alumni, fearless and global, channel Henry Flagler's spirit, making an impact in varied fields.

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Our Global Reach

Flagler's study abroad nurtures global relationships for an interconnected future.

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Our Rankings

Flagler College shines in rankings for academics, quality teaching, and historic architectural beauty.

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Our Athletics

Flagler Saints, 6-time recipients of the Sportsman Award, compete in 14 NCAA Division II sports.

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Our Rankings

Flagler College stands out in rankings not only for its rigorous academics and commitment to quality teaching, but also for its architectural beauty and historical significance. 

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Campus Growth

If the Ponce is about the history, then our campus reflects the future. With the introduction of the Brown Innovation Center and the Deagan Archaeology Lab, plus the construction of the state-of-the-art lacrosse facility, our campus continues to grow and change for the needs of today and tomorrow. 

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