The Core Experience

A Flagler College archaeology student examines a piece of pottery.
A Flagler College faculty member teaches a class outdoors.

The Flagler Core Experience

Your Flagler story starts here.  Explore your passions with our groundbreaking general education program. You'll train your mind to think critically.  And you'll do it in much less time than in most Gen Ed programs, giving you more freedom to explore your field.

Not Your Typical Gen Ed

Our signature Core Experience is a game-changer. 

The Core is at the heart of what it means to be Flagler-educated, no matter your major. You’ll choose nine of more than 100 specially designed classes that speak to your unique passions while sharing a unified vision.  (See a sampling here). You can take these courses throughout your time at Flagler.  

Here's a snapshot of your Core Experience:

  • While other Gen Ed programs may require three or even four semesters, ours takes less time. 
  • Each course teaches you one of nine key literacies.
  • The Core Experience begins with First Year Seminar, a three-credit course designed to introduce you to college-level academic expectations, acquaint you with the campus and St. Augustine, and set you up for success at Flagler.
  • During your second year, you'll select your FlagSHIP course from among many carefully curated, exciting, and transformative learning experiences.
First Year students meeting with the FYS book author
First-Year Seminar

Your Core journey begins with this semester-long, discussion-based course. You and your classmates will tour the campus and the city. You'll take in local museums and plays. You'll learn how to register for classes, pick a major, and email a professor. Above all, you'll learn how to claim your college education and pursue it with thoughtful confidence and a plan. 

Students learning about St. Augustine history during their FlagSHIP course
Core Curriculum

The faculty has chosen nine skills as the heart of every Flagler Education. Every student gets to choose one class per skill from a long list, with titles such as “Speak for the Trees,” “Living in a Digital World,” or “Beyond Beautiful: Art as Critical Discourse.” These Core classes also impart Flagler’s core values. They show you the why and the how of success in life, work, and community. 

Students studying abroad

During your second year, the FlagSHIP (Flagler College Sophomore High Impact Practice) program will enrich you with a wealth of new experiences. Your learning may include study abroad, community service, original research, and more. Discover why many students consider it the most life-changing part of their college experience.

CACE advisors helping students
Academic Advising (CACE)

From the moment you commit to Flagler, your Center for Advising & Core Experience (CACE) Guide will provide you with expert assistance. Think of them as a one-stop-shop for any questions you may have — about classes or college life in general.

Learn more about the Flagler CORE Experience

What makes the Core Experience special?

Hear Flagler students and alumni explain how the Flagler Core Experience helps you grow as a student and a person.

Our Core Philosophy

Why do we require all undergraduate students to complete the Core Experience, regardless of major?

Because we believe strongly in the values we've built into it.

We believe that learning career-specific skills is just one of many steps on the path to success.

We believe that a broad, diverse education that develops the 'whole person' is the best way to prepare 21st-century students for a 21st-century world. 

Core News

The Flagler Core experience truly sets Flagler College apart. Unlike standard, boring general education courses, these were designed just for you. To challenge you. To inspire your passions. To send you away changed for the better.

Here's just a taste of the kind of experiences awaiting you. Click each button to read news stories about our Core and FlagSHIP classes.

Student surfing

“You can't really read about a place or something like the wilderness without actually having a chance to go out and experience it yourself."

A Life Well Lived Class outside on the West Lawn
A Life Well Lived

"The idea is: You die of old age, and you need to reverse engineer and construct a vision for a good life." 

Professor Doug Keaton teaching students on the West Lawn
Transforming Education

"They're teaching classes like 'Dance, The Mirror of Society,' or 'Science of Pandemics,' or "Living in a Digital World."

Middle East Water Scarcity

"Rivers don’t know the boundaries of Israel versus Jordan. Right? They just flow where they flow."