Image of students and art professor Leslee Robison working in the local prison with youth offenders.

The FlagSHIP Program

Have you heard of FlagSHIP? The name stands for Flagler Sophomore High Impact Practice, and it's one of the three pillars of our signature  Flagler Core Experience. Several of our alums have told us it was the most transformative part of their Flagler experience. 

With a focus on real-world learning experiences like Study Abroad and collaborative, community-based partnerships, you’ll gain the skills you need to be a full participant in the 21st-century global community.

The FlagSHIP program helps prepare you for life in a diverse, complex, and ever-changing world. Typically, you'll complete it during your second year to culminate the CORE program. 


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Immersive learning at home and abroad 

Have a look at a tiny sample of the diverse learning opportunities FlagSHIP offers.

Where will FlagSHIP take you?

Explore our Study Abroad offerings and plan your own unique FlagSHIP experience. 

Study Off-Campus with FlagSHIP 

FlagSHIP Courses 2023-24

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Questions? We’re here to help.

For more info, email us at flagship@flagler.edu or check out the FlagSHIP FAQS.