Flagler College Tallahassee Legacy

Once a Saint, always a Saint.

A Flagler College Tallahassee graduate is shown.

From 2000 to 2024, the Tallahassee Campus of Flagler College had the privilege to support the educational needs of the Capitol region by offering bachelor's degree programs in education, business, accounting, strategic communication, psychology, and public administration. Many students were among the first generation in their families to attend college. They were supported in their education journey by a caring staff and taught by a faculty of scholar-practitioners. 

Are you among the Flagler Tallahassee alums? If so, you have succeeded in fulfilling your educational goals. More importantly, you positively impact your communities as teachers, leaders, professionals, and engaged citizens. We could not be more proud of the ongoing legacy of Tallahassee alumni! We invite you to remain active as Flagler Saints by joining the alumni association and continuing your lifelong learning journey. 

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Faculty and student working together in front of the proctor library

Flager Tallahassee Alumni

Being a Flagler College alum isn't just a title. It's a lifelong connection to a vibrant community of achievers and changemakers. 

Your journey continues beyond graduation, and we're here to celebrate your successes, support your endeavors, and be a strong network for your ongoing growth and impact.

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