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Student organizations are a great way to get involved at Flagler College. You can take your pick of activities, from relaxing to exciting, service-oriented, or just for hanging out.  Take part in co-curricular academic programs, social events, community service projects, and more.

If you're interested in it, chances are we offer a group for it. Don't see the perfect fit for you? Learn how to start your own organization.

Here's a look at just a few of the many groups and organizations Flagler College has to offer you.  To join these or find other campus groups, log in to Saints Connect.

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College-Sponsored Organizations

The President's Leadership Academy (PLA) looks for students who may present as "traditional" leaders. But, we are just as interested in students who might be described as "non-traditional" leaders.

PLA is a program for students who want to learn and develop leadership skills, not a program to recognize existing student leaders. 

Our mission: to build a community of transformational leaders using a holistic approach. It's built on a dynamic curriculum, shared experiences, powerful mentorships, and meaningful services.

SGA is made up of student-elected leaders. SGA is also Flagler College’s liaison between students and the college. These student leaders promote clear communication between students and the administration. 

SGA actively represents student opinions, works toward cooperation, and helps give students and administrators insight into issues that affect the college experience.

 SGA also helps improve the welfare of students and the college, and encourages other student organizations.


Learn More About SGA

Affinity Groups

This club gives Black students on campus a collective community. BSU also helps club members to spread knowledge on Black culture and identity.


This club helps create a supportive community by talking about and exchanging ideas related to the field of Deaf education. 

The club encourages members to create and take part in volunteer opportunities, in order to spread knowledge and awareness about Deaf culture

The goal of LASO here at Flagler College is to provide a safe space for LatinX people at the college. We also provide a space for members outside the community to learn about the culture and people in the LatinX community.

This club provides a safe space for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students and their allies. 

Pride Alliance also works to promote issues in an inviting and welcoming environment for all students on campus. Pride Alliance acts as a student resource for LGBTQ+ issues and educates the students and staff of Flagler College on the lives of LGBTQ+ students in an effort to create acceptance. 

This club also performs acts of community service for St. Augustine and raises money for charitable organizations.

Formerly known as Club Unity.

META's goal is to provide a safe place to discuss religious beliefs.

We're also a safe space for those of other faiths to ask questions about Paganism. We share our ideas about how to continue Pagan practices. And, we seek to open a dialogue with those of the Abrahamic Faiths about Paganism. We encourage unity among others who practice Pagan beliefs in a judgment-free zone. 

Note: We are not defined as a strictly Pagan club.  Our mission is to bring together a community of like-minded individuals who enjoy the science behind metaphysical phenomena.

Our purpose is to give students with disabilities a safe place to:

  • Meet each other
  • Meet our peers who do not have disabilities
  • Explore the intersection of disability and diversity
  • Educate the campus community on the topics of disability and diversity

We will work together to encourage the inclusion of Flagler College students with disabilities, and we'll do this through meetings, events, programs, and social opportunities.


Greek Life

Flagler College has a chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha, Iota Lambda.

Learn more about our chapter at the website below. Or, visit the national Alpha Sigma Alpha site.

Flagler College Alpha Sigma Alpha Site

National Alpha Sigma Alpha Site

Lambda Chi Alpha’s mission is to positively impact the local community through service projects/organizations and fundraising events, as well as promote a sense of brotherhood and comradery in the Flagler family.

Learn more at the Lambda Chi Alpha website below.

Lambda Chi Alpha

A woman's community service organization that focuses on promoting "friendship, loyalty, honesty, and sisterhood." Together, we help our community take part in national causes while providing an enjoyable atmosphere for social interaction among our sisters.

Take a closer look by visiting the Phi Alpha Omega site.

Phi Alpha Omega


Faith-based Organizations

Catholic College Fellowship is a religious group open to everyone from all religious backgrounds and beliefs. 

We strive to create a community on campus and around St. Augustine that makes others feel welcome, wanted, and loved.

This club exists to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through our actions, attitudes, and ways of life. 

We will reach out to believers through the Biblical discipleship model. In doing this, we adhere to the infallible Word of God and seek to bring the Kingdom of Christ to the Flagler College campus.

FCA exists to accomplish the following mission, and all program activities of the organization shall be structured and conducted accordingly: To present to coaches and athletes, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and the fellowship of the Church.

We aim to create an inclination of critical thinking amongst any and all students.

Our club is a safe environment for people to feel comfortable sharing their beliefs and views without being disrespected.

Sports Clubs

The Flagler College Dance team aims to create an atmosphere on campus and in the community that builds:

  •  Social wellness 
  • Flagler Spirit
  • Pride within the community

The dance team practices multiple times per week, performs at the basketball games, and attends select competitions throughout the year.

The Dive Club helps students become certified, keeps certified divers active, and helps raise awareness of ocean conservation. 

The club usually goes on several dives per semester.

The surf club brings students of all skill levels together so they can get out and surf. The team competes competitively in the NSSA and welcomes all students to join their surf sessions.

The purpose of the Sailing Club at Flagler College is to create a fun, social-learning organization that brings inclusivity to the tradition of sailing, builds a diverse and skilled community of sailors at Flagler College, creates lifelong learners, and promotes awareness of the sport of sailing while positively benefiting the local community.

Run Club will provide students with a community where they feel welcomed and encouraged to do their best in all aspects of life, including their training.

Each member will demonstrate a positive attitude and will work to build up others in the club. The Run Club will teach students that they are capable of anything they dream of achieving and will provide them with a community to help them reach their fitness goals while having fun and making new friends.

The mission of the Boxing Club is to provide students with the ability to learn to box, regardless of skill level. We strive to teach the fundamentals of boxing through the introduction of professional trainers and to provide a safe and fun place for people who want to box.

Academic Interest

AIGA, the largest professional organization for design, is committed to advancing the value and impact of design, both locally and globally, as a vital cultural force. 

The AIGA Flagler College Chapter offers students the chance to get involved, create community, and build leadership skills. We work to advance design as a professional craft and strategic advantage.

We strive to inspire and support aspiring designers. 

The Flagler College PRSSA chapter seeks to advance the public relations profession. We do this by teaching future professionals and helping students get involved in leadership programs, competitions, and internships. 

The chapter serves as a networking ground between students and professionals and a way for members to build professional portfolios. 

As members, students get a hands-on approach to public relations. The Flagler College PRSSA chapter also writes and executes strategic plans for local organizations.

The Association of Fundraising Professionals empowers individuals and organizations to practice ethical fundraising through professional education, networking, research, and advocacy.

We aim to expand our knowledge and understanding of the different anthropological disciplines to create academically fluent and prepared future anthropologists and anthropology enthusiasts.

The mission of Enactus is to create a positive and lasting impact on our community and society at large through entrepreneurial action. Our mission is to empower our members with the knowledge, skills, and resources to become socially responsible leaders and changemakers. 

We believe in the transformative power of entrepreneurship and collaborative action to build a better world. We strive to harness the power of business and innovation to address pressing social, economic, and environmental challenges.

This organization will help to promote the use of the French language outside of the classroom setting. This allows French students and others to use French freely with each other.

Read the Room offers a space that promotes recreational reading and allows students to share their love of books. 

This club shall serve as a book club at Flagler College. Part of our goal is to create a space on campus where students can read for fun or class without judgment. They can also participate in common reads and discussions about books they read or have read.

This club is also a safe place for readers who aren't confident or have poor reading habits. Students can compartmentalize a place to read for classes, since many students do not read for fun or class.

It is the mission of the Student Accounting Society at Flagler College to promote interest and awareness of the accounting profession. 

We also work to create opportunities for professional career development within the Flagler College community through the use of networking events, informational sessions, outings, and other events that foster ethical and professional values.

Special Interest/Social Clubs

This organization promotes the knowledge and appreciation of Japanese animation and publications.

This club works to stimulate interest in, and promote the principles of, the Democratic Party. We also help develop political leadership skills among students.

The Gaming Guild creates a space for students to come together to learn, teach, and play various games, including video, board, card, etc.

The Paranormal Club seeks to educate students interested in the paranormal. They encourage safety and proper research among paranormal enthusiasts. 

Some activities include ghost tours and an annual Halloween party.


We aim to provide an opportunity for members to increase management skills and expertise through participation in programs and services designed to improve the professional quality of their knowledge, performance, and leadership ability.

Sport Management Club is committed to building a strong network of Sport Management professionals. We're also committed to supporting each other as we prepare to secure positions/internships in undergraduate studies and after graduation. 

We know that we can be successful because we are committed to helping one another while gaining valuable experience in the field.

Down to Earth is a club that cultivates connections to balance the tension between our long-standing innate connection to nature and our more modern technological culture. We will foster an appreciation for the significance and necessity of the human-nature connection.

The club uses support from evidence-based practices to explore experiential opportunities that promote health and well-being for the individual, community, and the larger natural world.

Down to Earth embodies Flagler's core values and mission to pursue a life well-lived by creating an inclusive body of students whose lives are transformed through stewardship in the service of life.


The purpose of the Natural Sciences Club is to connect students on campus with an interest in the Natural Sciences through events on and off campus.

Out club will work on project ideas to educate and promote sustainable practices on campus. Our club will also organize outreach events for community clean-ups and education experiences.

The purpose of the Wilderness Club at Flagler College is to bring the students of Flagler into the great outdoors for the betterment of their well-being. Flagler College currently does not have a club dedicated entirely to wilderness adventure , and it will do this academic space a good favor to have this communion of wilder people. 

Outdoor recreation is highly beneficial to mental health for a plethora of reasons, and offering that therapeutic service would be our goal.

Arts and Entertainment

We aim to develop a safe space and community among the art majors, but members don't need to be enrolled in the art programs. 

This is a place where we hone skills, share ideas, and give inspiration in abundance. it also serves as a place where complex passion projects can be brought to life.

The Creative Writing Club aims to create a safe space for young writers to develop their work.  Our club members can grow their writing abilities through participating in writing exercises, group projects, peer reviews, and themed events.

We want to encourage our members to cultivate creativity skills not often used in the English division of the core curriculum.

KPop group is a club for K-pop fans. It's a place for the fans to find new friends and connect over something they're passionate about.

We'll do fun activities and discussions. We'll also reach out and make the Flagler K-pop club known in the K-pop community. We'll show that Flagler is a welcoming place for any interest and make K-pop fans excited to find and join us!

Student Theatre Organization at Flagler College's goal is to enrich the theatrical environment on campus through staged readings, workshops, social events, field trips, discussions with like-minded people, and providing experience for the theatrical work world beyond Flagler College. It's our goal to extend the experience of those interested in the performing arts.

Honor Societies

Flagler College also has a chapter of Alpha Psi Omega, the National Theatre Arts Honor Society. 

You'll be inducted after you, as a pledge, prove your contribution to the national chapter. The Chair of Theatre Arts, Andrea McCook, is the sponsor. 

This is a service organization and an honor society, and members must contribute not only to their department but to their college and community.

Psi Chi is an international honor society. Its purpose is to inspire excellence in psychology scholarship and advance the science of psychology. 

Psi Chi is also a service organization that meets regularly to foster continued campus engagement, educate students and its members, including panels and guest speakers, and encourage research opportunities and scholarly pursuits such as the Southeastern Psychological Association annual convention.

Every honor society celebrates academic achievement.  But at Alpha Chi, we're all about making scholarship effective for good and influencing the world for the better. We're also about making college a better experience for our student members.

As Alpha Chi begins its second century, we'll give extra focus to promoting critical, constructive, inclusive, and respectful conversations about important societal matters that contribute to the search for truth and personal growth. Students who want to learn more about Alpha Chi should review The Alpha Chi Difference.


The purpose of this organization is to promote and recognize the outstanding achievements of students studying American Sign Language. We also encourage academic excellence in all subjects.

Phi Alpha Theta is an American honor society for undergraduate and graduate students and professors of history. The society has over 400,000 members, with some 9,000 new members joining each year through 970 chapters nationwide.

The Society strives to: 

  • Confer distinction for high achievement in English language and literature in undergraduate, graduate, and professional studies
  • Provide cultural stimulation on college campuses and promote interest in literature and the English language in surrounding communities
  • Foster all aspects of the discipline of English, including literature, language, and writing
  • Promote exemplary character and good fellowship among its members
  • Exhibit high standards of academic excellence
  • Serve society by fostering literacy

Sigma Tau Delta also recognizes the accomplishments of professional writers who have contributed to the fields of language and literature.


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