New Employee Technology Guide

Here you will find basic instructions for setting up your email app (such as Outlook, Apple Mail, iPhone, Android phone, etc.):

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Congratulations on your employment with Flagler College! This guide will walk you through the steps you need to take to log in to your accounts and to use technology at Flagler College. Click each step to view full instructions.

How to:

You will receive a pressure-sealed document from your supervisor or Human Resources which includes your network, email, and MyFlagler username in the format of [first initial][last name] (i.e. jsmith) along with a temporary password to access your account. Use the information in the document you receive to log into SelfService and register your security questions. Once your security questions are set, change your network password to a secure password of your choice. Password requirements are displayed at . Staff and Faculty must change their passwords every 6 months.

After you have changed your email password, log into your Flagler College email inbox. From now on, you must check your Flagler College email regularly. All important emails will be sent to you via your Flagler College email account. If you have a smartphone, you may find it helpful to set up your email account on your phone by following the instructions below.

Recommend Email Body Text Format

Default body text can be set in Outlook by navigating to Tools > Options > Mail Format tab > Stationery and Fonts. To set the default body text in other programs, look for a similar option.

Typeface: Georgia (not bold, italic, or underlined)
Size: 10 pt.
Color: Black
Background: Plain white / no image

Email Signature, Short, Default

Recommended for replies, follow-ups, and Flagler College recipients. Set the font to Georgia.

First Last
Position Title
Flagler College [Department]
904.819.6xxx | Fax: 904.826.xxxx
[Additional phone numbers or department web addresses if needed]

Email Signature, Long

Recommended for first-time contact with outside recipients.

First Last
Position Title
[Department line if needed]

Flagler College
74 King Street | Saint Augustine, FL 32084
904.819.6xxx | Fax: 904.826.xxxx
[Additional phone numbers or department web addresses if needed]
Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.

By logging into MyFlagler, you can access Canvas to manage your classes, your paycheck stub, benefits information, and more. You will receive a pressure-sealed document from your supervisor or Human Resources, which includes your network, email, and MyFlagler username in the format of [first initial][last name] (i.e. jsmith) along with a temporary password to access your account.

To log in to MyFlagler, enter your network username and password. Remember to enter your new password if you have already changed it using SelfService. Click "Login" to access your account. If you can log into your email but cannot log into MyFlagler, contact Data Services at, and they will fix your MyFlagler login.

If you are a full-time employee, you will receive a Windows PC for your office. Any special computer or software needs must be arranged in agreement with you, your supervisor, and Technology Services. Ensure that you communicate with both your supervisor and Technology Services before you arrive to ensure that we will have the equipment you need ready for you.

You may not connect any computers brought from home to our network Ethernet ports. Personal equipment can instead connect to the internet via the Flagler College WiFi network.

If you have an office phone, contact Technology Services at extension 293 to receive your temporary voicemail password. Be sure to ask for more information if you are unsure of your extension or full phone number.

Instructions for setting up your voice mailbox after you have received your temporary voice mailbox password

Server File Storage

Each student and employee has access to personal file storage space on our servers in the form of a "Home Folder". Group folders are also available on our servers. Server storage space is a convenient way to access files from multiple computers. For example, if you create a PowerPoint presentation on your office computer that you intend to show in your class, you can save the PowerPoint presentation to your server storage space to easily access it from the classroom computer without the hassle of USB drives or CDs. When working from any computer, you should store your documents in your server folders only, never on the C:\ drive on Windows or Macintosh HD on Macs, unless you have your own backup set up. Files stored on C:\ or Macintosh HD are NOT backed up automatically.

How to Access Server Files

Adjunct Faculty using Windows computers must save all files to their default "My Documents", "My Pictures", etc. folders, which will be synced automatically across computers. Full-time Faculty and Staff using Windows computers must save all files to the mapped P:\ drive in My Computer when you log in.

Accessing Files From Home

Flagler Connect allows you to access your Windows server files and common applications from on- and off-campus. Mac server files cannot be accessed in this way yet, but this will be available in late summer 2013. Access Flagler Connect now

File Backup

You should always have multiple copies of your documents in the event of a hardware failure. Many times, data loss is permanent. Files stored on the servers are backed up automatically, but files saved elsewhere, including on the C:\ drive or Macintosh HD, need to be backed up in the event of an unexpected hardware failure. Read important information about making your own backups


All employees have unlimited print credits. Employees printing from a lab Mac computer will be prompted to enter their network username and password in order to print. You can print to select printers from home or from your personal laptop or tablet using WebPrint.

Understanding computer and account security is extremely important! Not taking proper measures to secure your computer and account can not only expose your personal information to attackers, but can also make you responsible for larger-scale attacks on the network and potential data theft. Here are the basic steps you must take to keep information secure. Click on the [+] icon for more information: Always lock your computer when leaving your desk, and lock your office door when you leave.

Windows - Lock Computer

On Windows, hold down the Windows key on your keyboard, then press the "L" key to lock your computer.

Macintosh - Lock Computer

To manually start Screen Saver to Lock your computer, press the key combination Control + Shift + Eject. Alternate instructions:

  1. Go to System Preferences > Exposé & Spaces > Exposé > Set the bottom-right corner to start the Screen Saver.
  2. Any time you want to lock your computer, just drag the cursor to the bottom right of the screen. The screen saver will start, and after 5 seconds, will prompt you for your password. The 5 seconds gives you time to quit the screen saver if you accidentally moved the cursor to the bottom right of your screen.

Use a Secure Password.

Even if you think that you don't have anything interesting in your account, if your account is compromised, it can act as a hole into our entire system. Identity theft is also always a risk if your account is compromised. Hacking programs can easily try many passwords per second composed of common words, names, and numbers. Refer to the Secure Password Resources section of Account & Password Security to help you set up secure passwords. The best password is a long, randomly generated password. Use a different password for your personal email and other internet accounts than you do for your Flagler College accounts. If a program or hacker knows one of your passwords, they will be able to use the same password to access any of your other accounts that use that password. It's understandable that no one can just remember a multitude of complex passwords, but there are tools to help. Refer to the Password Management section of to help you manage your unique secure passwords.

Do not share or write down your password.

If you feel that you have a legitimate need to share or write down your password for others, contact us instead. We can certainly come up with a secure solution that works better for everyone.

Do not shut down your computer when you leave for the day.

Important security updates are applied to your computer overnight, so do not shut down your computer when you leave the office. Instead, simply lock your session or log out of your account.

Do not click on suspicious links found in email or on the web. Report all spam and phishing emails.

If you receive an email to your email address that looks like spam, phishing, or is otherwise suspicious, let us know so that we can ensure that other similar emails are filtered properly as junk mail. For more information, please review our information on Spam & Phishing. If you access any of your Flagler College accounts from your personal computer, ensure that it is protected against malicious software. Anti-Virus for Windows & Anti-Virus for Macintosh

Remember that Flagler College Technology Services will never ask for your password.

If you would like to purchase discounted software for personal/home use, you can find discounted prices through our Educational Discounts Website. You are not required to purchase any software for personal/home use unless your supervisor informs you otherwise. All of our labs (Windows and Macintosh machines) have Microsoft Office installed. If you would like to be able to use the Microsoft Office products on your own computer (Windows or Macintosh), you will need to buy the software. Students, faculty, and staff can purchase software from Microsoft, Adobe, and other companies at a discounted education price from our Educational Discounts Website.

More information on Educational Discounts

What To Do Next*

If you have completed all of the steps in this guide, please browse the information we have posted online about other technology topics. The topics most pertinent to you are listed in the Employees section, such as information on employee instant messaging, out of office replies, and more. You will also find useful information in our lists of Special Services and Tutorials. Feel free to contact us with any questions or corrections.

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