Merit release: Flagler’s Society for Advancement of Management chapter secures second place in international case competition

SAM team at international case competition
May 2, 2024
By Mayakoda Bradford & Anna Boone
Members of Flagler’s newly re-activated Society for Advancement of Management (SAM) chapter were recently awarded second place in a collegiate case analysis competition at SAM’s 2024 International Business Conference.

“I am extremely proud of our club for all the hard work and sacrifices each member made to study, prepare, and compete in the case competition,” Senior Gabe Gervai, outgoing Society for Advancement Management President, said. 

With a history as a national organization extending back to 1912, SAM is committed to providing opportunities for its members to “improve the professional quality of their knowledge, performance, and leadership ability.” 

The current faculty advisor, Jorge Herrera, said the team’s success “is a testament,” to that mission of enhancing management skills and practices. Herrera joined Flagler’s SAM students at this annual conference and acknowledged the diversity of its members and their goal as a student organization. 

“The club welcomes all majors to the experience of competing, presenting or simply learning more about management theory and practice,” Herrera said.  

Flagler College’s first SAM chapter was formed in 1983 and chartered by the SAM International Headquarters on Jan. 1, 1984.  

“Since 2019, our SAM chapter has been inactive, and I am extremely excited about re-invigorating Flagler's branch,” Senior Gabe Gervai, outgoing SAM President, said. “Being a part of SAM has opened some incredible opportunities to refine my presenting skills, network with managers in the industry, and get super close to our members.” 

The original charter’s members included 85 students when Flagler’s enrollment was much smaller than the student body today. That original chapter, which set the blueprint and bar for Flagler’s current active SAM students, was one of the most accomplished chapters in the country. They won nine national management case competition championships, numerous outstanding chapter awards, the Outstanding New Chapter in the Nation award, and several outstanding SAM regional and national student awards. 

“Whether you dream of managing your own business or just want to gain a competitive edge in the workplace, our SAM chapter can help,” Former Flagler SAM President, Jazz Maris, said. “This is a great opportunity for everyone to become better leaders and learn how to manage and communicate with others... [SAM] continues to give students the opportunity to gain real management experience for their future professions.” 

Gervai, who led the organization through a successful academic year said he has no doubts that SAM will continue to find provide valuable opportunities for Flagler students. 

“The future of Flagler's SAM chapter looks extremely bright; I am sure the future members are in great hands with Dr. Herrera,” he said. “The best is yet to come!”