Flagler College announces its first-ever comprehensive campaign as part of $100 million investment propelling Flagler Forward

A group shot of Flagler College President Delaney and friends in front of a large banner that reads 'Flagler Forward $100 Million' at the celebration gala.
October 20, 2023
President John Delaney announced the public launch of the College’s comprehensive campaign, Flagler Forward, at a Grand Gala event in the historic Ponce Dining Hall on Thursday, Oct. 19.

Flagler Forward seeks to raise $65 million in private philanthropy to create the next wave of groundbreaking history for the institution. The campaign will move Flagler beyond its already impressive standing as a top regional institution, challenge the College to continue growing and refining its programs, and ensure the resources needed to safeguard and innovate its historic campus. 

Alongside President Delaney, Chairman of Flagler’s Board of Trustees, Ambassador John Rood, announced a coinciding $35 million investment from the State of Florida for the restoration and preservation of the former Hotel Ponce de Leon- a National Historic Landmark.

President Delaney addresses the Flagler Forward Gala attendees

"We are incredibly grateful to Speaker Paul Renner, President Kathleen Passidomo, the entire Florida Legislature, and Governor DeSantis for recognizing the historical significance of the Ponce and prioritizing this funding in the State Budget," Chairman Ambassador John Rood said.  “We thank these government officials not only for their support in restoring the building we stand in right now but for fueling our commitment to transformational education.”

Together, the Flagler Forward campaign and State funding represent a $100 million investment in Flagler College.

President Delaney addresses the attendees at the Flagler Forward Gala

As evident from the College’s March 2022 announcement of the William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust's lead gift of $12 million, the Flagler Family of supporters has risen to the challenge by providing more than $50 million in private support toward Flagler Forward. Adding the state appropriation of $35 million, the College has already secured $85 million toward the $100 million planned investment.

“Our vision for moving forward encompasses not only the growth of our institution but also the advancement of our people, the enhancement of our programs, and the transformation of our places,” said Flagler College President John Delaney.

The campaign to propel Flagler’s people, programs, and places forward:

Students – We are their future builders.  Nearly all Flagler students depend on financial aid, and more than 120 new scholarships have already been established. Expanded scholarship opportunities made possible by Flagler Forward will give the College a competitive edge in recruiting top scholars, leaders, and talented athletes from across the country and around the globe.

Faculty – Flagler’s professors are one of a kind. Through Flagler Forward, the College will establish 10 newly endowed faculty positions. Expanded research grants and teaching excellence awards for faculty will help Flagler recruit, reward, and retain the best scholars and teachers.

Programs – We embrace a spirit of inventiveness.  Flagler Forward will allow the College to create stand-out academic programs that are uniquely Flagler and leverage our location.  Now is the time to invest in experiential learning programs, international programming, such as study abroad, and undergraduate research opportunities for students that allow them to work one-on-one with faculty, present at conferences, and even publish before graduation.

Places – We are the keepers of a great history.  Flagler Forward restores and protects the College’s iconic historic spaces while creating new vibrant community spaces to work, play, and create, like the Brown Innovation Center, the Deagan Archaeology Lab, and the Learning Resource Center.  A renovated Pollard Tennis Center and the construction of a state-of-the-art Lacrosse facility ensure the Flagler Community is supporting our championship-caliber athletes.


The College is thankful to the Board of Trustees and Flagler Forward Campaign Steering Committee for their leadership and philanthropic support of this historic milestone in Flagler College's history.

To move forward with bold vision.  To lead with our hearts for the good of others.  To act with great passion, energy, and excitement.  To constantly seek just what’s beyond tomorrow.  To be revolutionary thinkers, artists, generators, and visionaries – this is what it means to be Flagler Forward.  This is the campaign for tomorrow.  To join us, please visit www.flagler.edu/flaglerforward or contact the Flagler College Office of Institutional Advancement at 904-819-6437.