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Our Campaign Priorities

Flagler Forward will help us grow programs, expand learning opportunities, recruit the brightest minds, and evolve to the next level.


Forward For Our Students

Competing for the world’s best and brightest. Opening up a Flagler education to all. Supporting our students. Celebrating their achievements.

Scholarships make it all happen.

Learn how we'll build a better future for our students.


Forward For Our Faculty

Tackling creative research. Developing dynamic programs. Engaging in deep new learning opportunities. Pioneering our tomorrow. Our professors are one of a kind. That's why we need to continue to attract and retain the difference-makers in every discipline. Through Flagler Forward, our goal is to establish five to 10 newly endowed faculty positions.

See how Flagler Forward enables us to recruit, reward, and retain the best academic minds.


Forward For Our Programs

Investigating habitats on sand dunes. Filming St. Augustine’s history. Conducting fieldwork in Bermuda. Forging lifelong connections. Our programs push our students to answer tomorrow’s questions.

Discover how you can help make our programs stronger.


Forward For Our Places

Discover how you can help safeguard our campus spaces for future generations.

Learn about our plans to innovate and safeguard our places for the future.