Reporting and Resources

The College’s first priority is to help you take steps to address your safety, medical needs, and emotional well-being. Take these steps whether or not you have decided to pursue criminal charges or report the incident to Title IX Coordinator, Jessica Kobryn.

Ensure Your Physical Safety

If you are in immediate crisis, call 911. You can also call the Office of Safety and Security at (904) 819-6200 for 24/7 help.

Reporting And Resources

Get medical attention as soon as possible after a sexual assault to determine the possibilities of physical injury, to prevent or treat sexually transmitted diseases, and, if applicable, to prevent pregnancy.  Medical facilities can also screen for the presence of drugs given to you without your knowledge. Local options for medical care include Flagler College Health Services and Flagler Hospital. 

More Details About Medical Assistance

You can immediately notify law enforcement of the assault or you may wish to maintain confidentiality while you consider what options to pursue.  Regardless, in instances of sexual assault, it is advisable to have an evidence collection kit, free of charge, completed as soon as possible after the incident. Flagler Hospital administers evidence collection kits.  You may go directly to Flagler Hospital or may be referred to the hospital by Flagler College Health Services. Employees at Flagler College Health Services can help you obtain transportation to Flagler Hospital and can help you contact a support person, such as a family member, friend or roommate.

In order to best preserve evidence for a collection kit, you should avoid showering, bathing, going to the bathroom or brushing your teeth before the kit is completed.  You should also wear (or take with you in a paper – not plastic – bag) to the hospital the same clothing that you were wearing during the assault.  An evidence collection kit can still be completed if you have showered or bathed. 

You may be accompanied to the hospital by a friend or other support person.  A physician will briefly screen you, and a forensic nurse trained in evidence collection procedures will conduct the examination, collecting hair, fluid and tissue samples. 

The costs associated with evidence collection kits, including their administration, are paid by the State of Florida and are, therefore free of charge.

The Flagler College Counseling Center can help you begin the recovery process.  The professionals there are trained to provide crisis intervention.  Any information you share with the center is strictly confidential, and meetings are free of charge to all students. 

Mandatory Reporting Resources

A Mandatory Reporting Resource is obligated to disclose any information about Sexual Misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator.

Title IX Coordinator

Jessica Kobryn
(904) 826-8553

Flagler College Safety And Security

(904) 819-6200
Security Officers are available 24/7

Officials With Authority

Athletic Director
College President
College Vice Presidents
Dean of Students
Dean of Academic Life
Dean of Tallahassee Campus
Director of Safety and Security
Title IX Coordinator
Human Resources Director

All Faculty and Staff members with the exception of those included in the non-reporting resources.

Non-reporting Resources

A non-reporting resource will not disclose information about Sexual Misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator without the student’s permission.

Flagler College Counseling Center

(904) 819-6305

65 Valencia St., Tinlin Cottage

8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday while classes are in session

Flagler College Health Services

(904) 819-6211

74 King St., located on the southwest side of the Ponce Breezeway

7:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday while classes are in session

Community Resources

Community Resources are organizations that will not disclose information about Sexual Misconduct to the College.

St. Augustine Police Department

(904) 825-1074 (Non-emergency number)

2300 A1A S, St. Augustine, FL         

St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office

(904) 824-8304 (Non-emergency number)

Located at 4015 Lewis Speedway, St. Augustine, FL

St. Augustine Beach Police

(904) 471-3600 (Non-emergency number)

2300 A1AS, St. Augustine, FL 32080

Flagler Hospital

(904) 819-5155 (Emergency Department)

400 Health Park Blvd., St. Augustine, FL 32086

Rape Crisis Center & Domestic Violence Agencies:

Betty Griffin House Risk Crisis Center

(904) 824-1555

Assistance is available 24/7

Betty Griffin 24-hour Help Line

(904) 824-1555

Rainn Sexual Violence Crisis Hotline

1-800-656-HOPE (4673)

Rainn National Sexual Assault Online Live Chat

The Office of Civil Rights’ mission is to ensure equal access to education and to promote educational excellence through vigorous enforcement of civil rights in our nation’s schools.

Know Your IX is a survivor and youth-led project of Advocates for Youth that aims to empower students to end sexual and dating violence in their schools.

Title IX makes it illegal to discriminate because of sex, which includes discrimination on the basis of pregnancy, childbirth, false pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, or related conditions, including recovery. Title IX also ensures the right to take medically necessary leave and to be free of harassment, intimidation, or other discrimination because of pregnancy-related conditions. By providing resources to educate and empower university communities, this project seeks to ensure the effective implementation of Title IX’s protections for pregnant women and parents. 

The Pregnant Scholar

Report an Incident


If you have any questions about Title IX, please contact Jess Kobryn, Assistant Dean of Students for Title IX and Equity. She can be reached via phone at 904.826.8553 or email