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Three students seated at outdoor table talking.

Student Support Services

Encouraging you at every step.

You'll always receive the support you need, regardless of what you'll study.

Support Services

Student and professor seated in office.

How Our Advising Works

Our team will guide you through each year of college, starting with your First Year Advisor, a full-time faculty member, and the Office of Student Success and Advising.

Student being instructed by professor, in front of computer

Tutoring From Faculty & Peers

Divided into labs that cover a range of subjects, our Learning Resource Center can help you improve your student skills or advise you about a single topic.

Student speaks to recruiter at career event.

Planning for Your Future

Polish your professional skills and connect with potential employers with the help of our Career Development Center.

Three students seated together, laughing.

Taking Care of Yourself

As you challenge yourself in the classroom, tend to your mind and body with our free health services and confidential counseling.

Three security officers.

Staying Smart..and Safe

Move around the campus with confidence, knowing we have 24/7 campus security and LiveSafe, and emergency notification system.

Student seated on steps with laptop in hand.

Keeping Connected

Whether you're cramming for a final or setting up a gaming rig, Tech Services is here to keep you connected to the technology you need.

Hear From Our Vloggers

It's one thing to hear advice about college life on a web page, but it's another to hear from Flagler students. Browse their best tips.

Flagler College Vloggers Playlist

Roommates John Roberts and Brian Parmley

Roommates 101

with John Roberts and Brian Parmely

Contact Us

Have questions about services available to students? Send us an email!