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Student Accounts employee speaking with a student at her desk.

Student Accounts FAQs


How can I pay my tuition?

Here are the forms of payment accepted by Flagler College*:

  • Online payment via E-check using your bank account information with no added fee OR any Major Credit Card (2.85% added convenience fee)
  • Mailed checks: Payable to Flagler College, 74 King Street, St. Augustine, FL 32084
  • Check or Cash—Payable on campus at the Student Account’s office located at Hanke Hall

*NOTE: Students/Parents who are enrolled in the Online Payment Plan and are NOT enrolled in “Auto Pay”, are urged to make their payments online ONLY by choosing the “MPPAY PLAN Payment” --first option on the Shopping Cart.

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How do I create an “Authorized Payer”?

In order for anyone other than yourself to receive email notifications regarding your student account, we urge you to create an Authorized Payer login by following the continuing steps below after logging into your online payment site:

  • My Account, under PAYERS click “Send Payer Invitation” and fill in the contact information
  • The “Authorized Payer” is then required to respond to the email within 24 hours to create their password.
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How does my “Authorized Payer” reset their password?

Only you, the student, can reset your password by returning to the online My Account section on the payment site and Clicking on the “pencil” to edit next to the person’s name. Click “Resend Payer Invitation”. Transact will resend the email to respond to within 24 hours, allowing the Authorized Payer to reset their password.

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Does Flagler College accept Florida Prepaid College Funds?

Yes, once enrolled, the first step to allow our Student Account’s office to bill your Prepaid Plan is to complete and return the Transfer Form directly to Florida Prepaid as indicated on the form. For further details and Plan Type Pay Rates, refer to Flagler Prepaid College Plan - Flagler College. With the receipt of that authorization in place (can take up to 4 weeks from Florida Prepaid), based on the plan or plans you have, the preliminary Florida Prepaid credit will appear on your first statement.

At any time that you wish to use more than the “Restricted” 15 credit hours in any given semester, you are required to email and can resubmit the Transfer Form to Prepaid indicating “Unrestricted” in order for us to bill for additional fund credits.

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Does everyone receive a Refund? And, how long do I have to wait for a refund?

No, however, if for any reason a credit appears on a student’s account (i.e. overpayment, financial aid) following the last day to drop/add classes and all funding is posted, a refund will be processed to the student’s eRefund preference selection. Excess funds will not be held in your student account for future semesters. It is important to monitor your online “Activity Details” to look for a credit on your account that may be eligible for a refund.

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Does Flagler College offer a payment plan?

Yes, to help you manage your tuition payments, Flagler College offers convenient online payment plans. You can use a payment plan to pay all or part of your tuition, and avoid the high interest rates that normally come with a traditional loan. Enrollment for the 5-month payment plan is required each semester during fall and spring only through the online payment site. Fall Installment Plan begins July 15—ends, November 15; Spring Installment Plan begins December 15-ends, April 15.

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How do I get an account statement?

Dated Account Statements are published and viewable at your online payment site under “Statements”. Note, however, that they are dated to reflect only activity through the date of each statement. All current ongoing activity is viewable at your online payment site as well by clicking “Activity Details”.


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Why do I have a hold on my student account?

The two holds placed applied by Student Accounts are as follows:

Student Account Hold: Any student with a remaining balance is not permitted to register, change their current schedule, receive transcripts or their diploma until that balance is satisfied in full.

Transcript Hold—Warning: Current students with a remaining balance of $999 or less after each semester, or those enrolled in the payment plan are not permitted transcripts until your balance is paid in full. A Transcript Hold however, is just a warning and will allow a student to register and change classes for an ongoing semester within an academic year.

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Why is my enrollment/housing deposit not showing up on my statement?

The boarding and non-boarding deposit will be credited to your fall balance.  If a student withdraws or leaves for any reason prior to the last day of drop/add when attending the Fall semester of that year, that deposit is forfeited.

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How do I change my meal plan?

First year students attending Flagler College are required to have the Unlimited Meal Plan for one full academic year. Returning boarding students, can select any one of the three offered plans through Student Affairs when contracting their Housing agreement. Any changes to the plan selected after the cut-off date will not be accepted. Changes prior to that date require an email request to student affairs.

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Why can’t you talk to me as the Parent since I pay the bill?

Student’s 18 years and older are Flagler College customers. Students have the opportunity to complete a FERPA form giving the College permission to speak with certain individuals regarding their student information.

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How can I receive my 1098-T tax form and why am I not eligible?

Students should refer to the Home page 1098-T information in order to sign up for Electronic 1098-T tax form access.

Student’s whose grants and scholarships exceed the tuition and tuition related charges in each tax year are NOT eligible to receive a 1098-T.


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Health Insurance

Who is required to have the School’s Health Insurance?

All full-time undergraduate students enrolled in 12 or more credits are required to have adequate health insurance while attending Flagler College. Flagler College provides an annual student health insurance plan through United Healthcare, which is required for all students who do not have alternate coverage. Note: All International students are required to Enroll in the Flagler College mandatory Health Insurance plan.

To Waive: (by the September 22, 2023 deadline)

  • Click on: Flagler College | UnitedHealthcare StudentResources (
  • In the search field, type in "Flagler College" and then click the magnifying glass icon
  • Scroll down on the text to click on the blue bar “Waive Coverage”
  • Complete the requested information
  • Look for the accepted confirmation email from United Healthcare Student Resources.
  • Monitor your Flagler College online payment site—click on “Activity Details” within 2 to 3 business days to view the removal of the health insurance charge.

To Enroll in the Flagler College Health Insurance for 2023-24 with coverage from August 1, 2023, through July 31, 2024.

  • Click on: Flagler College | UnitedHealthcare StudentResources (
  • In the search field, type in "Flagler College" and then click the magnifying glass icon
  • Scroll down on the text to click on the blue bar “Opt-In”
  • If the student does not opt-in to coverage by September 22, 2023, the student will automatically be enrolled in the United Healthcare policy following the September 22, 2023 deadline
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If I provide Health Services with my health insurance card for coverage, do I still need to complete the Waiver confirmation requested by the Flagler College offered Health Insurance plan?

Yes, you are required to submit and receive confirmation each academic year from Flagler College’s contracted Health Insurance Company. To submit a waiver, click the following link Flagler College | UnitedHealthcare Student Resources ( and follow the instructions to complete the waiver by the deadline date. New incoming students are also required to provide Flagler College’s Health Services with any required health records and insurance information.

If you do not waive the insurance by the deadline date, you are enrolled in the health insurance offered by Flagler and the fee cannot be removed.

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Campus Bookstore

Can I use my Financial Aid to purchase textbooks?

If you have excess aid funds, you may use them in the Flagler College Campus Store (“the bookstore”). Aid may be used on course materials, including books, supplies, computers & accessories. The Student Accounts Office will notify the bookstore of your eligible aid, for you to use in-store or online. The charge for your books is then placed on your student account after the Add/Drop Date. Questions about this process may be sent to

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When does the Flagler College Campus Store open for me to purchase my books for the fall semester?

The Campus Store is now open to purchase your books for the fall semester. You will be able to purchase your books in-store or online. The Bookstore will open for in-store financial aid use on August 7, 2023, through August 29, 2023.

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What happens if I have already purchased my books and I decide to drop?

The Campus Store will offer a full refund up to the Add/Drop date. The Bookstore must receive your returned books in new or like new condition.  This ONLY applies to books, not supplies or computers. The Add/Drop deadline for Fall ’23 is August 29, 2023. 

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Why shop the campus store vs. other online retailers?

With everything you need in one place, shopping the campus store means less time spent searching. We guarantee that you have the right course materials because we integrated your course registration directly with the faculty course material selection. The Campus Store offers significant cost savings with an extensive offering of new, used and digital textbooks, a robust textbook rental program and a price match program.  Use your available financial aid to purchase in the bookstore, and reduce out of pocket expenses! The Campus Store is a one-stop shop: it also offers an enhanced assortment of Flagler College gear, including apparel, gifts, school supplies, technology and more, with the flexibility to shop both in-store and online.  

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