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Florida Prepaid College Plan

Flagler College accepts Florida Prepaid College Plan funds to assist enrolled students with tuition costs. To use your Florida Prepaid College Plan at Flagler College, please see the information below.

  1. Complete the Transfer Form and return it to Florida Prepaid directly. Completion of this form allows Flagler College to invoice Florida Prepaid each semester.
  2. Flagler College will apply a preliminary credit to your account reducing the total amount owed for the semester.
  3. Flagler College will invoice the appropriate amount as indicated by your plan to Florida Prepaid after the add/drop date each semester.
    • Since Flagler College’s tuition is charged at a flat rate for full-time students
      enrolled in 12-19 credit hours, we will invoice your Florida Prepaid plan for 15
      credit hours each semester. For students with a 2+2 Plan, the first 60 credit
      hours are billed at the Community College rate, and the remaining 60 credit
      hours are billed at the University rate.
    • Students with an Unrestricted Florida Prepaid plan can email to request that more than 15 credits of their plan be billed in
      a given semester.

*Please note that you may experience a delay in financial aid refunds while Flagler College is
waiting to receive your Florida Prepaid funds. A chart of the 2023/2024 pay rates for Florida
Prepaid College Plans as outlined below.

You can contact Florida Prepaid at or (800)552-4723 with questions about your plan.

For questions about your student account, feel free to contact our offices at or (904)819-6230.



Plan Type Pay Rates
Community College $95.03/credit x 15 = $1,425.45
Community College + Local Fees $106.11/credit x 15 = $1,591.65
University $116.68/credit x 15 = $1,750.20
University + Local Fees $154.06/credit x 15 = $2,310.90
University + Local Fees + TDF $199.12/credit x 15 = $2,986.80
Dorm $3,504.14/semester