Flagler’s Sport Management program hosts “Women in Sport” panel to guide students entering the industry

Women in Sport Panelists
March 24, 2023
By Madison Sloan
In recognition of National Girls and Women in Sports Day, Flagler’s Sport Management program hosted a “Women in Sport” panel last month to celebrate the accomplishments of women working in this competitive industry regionally.

This event, which was sponsored by local alumna-owned women’s wellness company Pink Stork, allowed students to hear from multiple women in the industry regionally. The panel included Cassidy McKee and Sam Murphy with the PGA Tour, Maria St. Onge with NBC Sports, and alumna Katie Cox, VP of Marketing and Charitable Giving of Gator Bowl Sports, Inc. 

Although the sports industry is still commonly perceived as male-dominated, each panelist shared personal experiences from their careers, highlighting how women are breaking down this stereotype.  

“As a woman in sports, it can be a little intimidating,” St. Onge said. “Sometimes you feel the stereotype of it- that there are all men in sports, but that’s not the case at all.” 

During the event, the guest speakers offered students interested in sport management tips for entering the field and discussed how men in the industry can support their female peers.   

If you are a student interested in working in the sports industry, check out this advice from the Women in Sport panel to help set you on a path for professional success. 


Network and keep networking 

When discussing the mentors that supported them throughout their career, the panelists noted that a big part of working in the sports industry is making connections through networking. 

“Get the phone numbers, get the business cards, friend them on LinkedIn, keep in touch through email, always follow up even if it was a brief conversation,” McKee said. “Just keep networking.” 

During her time at the University of Auburn, McKee was selected as the ESPNU Campus Connection broadcasting host. From that position, McKee was able to network and meet the mentor that helped guide her through the industry.  

“I would've never ended up here if I didn't try it all and take advantage of the opportunity to really again, network and learn from all these different people,” McKee said.

Internships are the key to gaining experience 

Throughout the event, the panelists emphasized the value of securing an internship and being open to trying new things- even if it may not seem like something you are interested in at first. 

“Use internships to find out what you don’t want to do because that’s what they did for me,” Cox said.  

Although she spent her college years working towards a career in event management, Cox realized that was not the field she wanted to pursue while interning with the City of Jacksonville Office of Special Events. 

Cox still believes that every internship is valuable and teaches you beneficial skillsets you can carry with you throughout your career. 

Take advantage of campus resources 

During their college experiences, multiple panelists said they were able to take advantage of their institution’s on-campus job opportunities. For McKee, working on staff at her university’s news station opened many doors and set her resume apart from others.  

With many resources available to students, Flagler’s Sport Management program is designed to help students prepare to enter their desired field of work within the industry. This includes professions like administrative positions in professional sports leagues, sports marketing and sales, community recreation, and the fitness industry. The program curriculum is diverse, touching on topics of economics, accounting, and management information systems.  

From major golf organizations to Jacksonville professional sports teams, Flagler’s locale provides the ideal setting for students pursuing a career in sports. As a Sport Management major, students are required to complete a full-time internship prior to graduation, a guideline that helps them build their resumes and gain valuable industry experience.