Flagler’s Institute for Classical Education expands, welcoming a Senior Research Fellow

Rob Jackson speaking in front of a crowd
February 8, 2024
Flagler College’s Institute for Classical Education, which recently hired Director Bradley Rowe, is excited to announce the appointment of Senior Research Fellow Robert L. Jackson, Ph.D. Jackson was welcomed into this role last month, January of 2024, and facilitated the Institute’s most recent Saturday Seminar on Jan. 20 titled, “Fostering Wonder.”
Rob Jackson

As fellows are typically tasked with conducting independent research in line with an institute’s overarching mission, Jackson will work with Director of Flagler's Institute, Bradley Rowe, to explore, identify, and “promote the best programs and ideas that have germinated over the past decade,” in the field of K-12 classical education. Over the past 25 years, Jackson has narrowed his professional focus on advancing classical and liberal education through his doctoral academic research in education, work as a professor, and leadership in administrative roles.

“I’ve experienced the transformative effect of this perennial model of education and have become an energetic spokesperson for those who have embraced the classical education approach,” Jackson said. “And because of my time in higher education and K-12 schools, I’m able to bridge the divide that often separates theory and practice, scholarship and craft.”

Jackson’s most recent experience as founder of Classical Commons, a social platform and resource for classical education communities nation-wide, gives him a valuable understanding of the current classical education landscape. Prior to founding Classical Commons, Jackson worked with the K-12 Great Hearts classical academies of Arizona, serving as the Chief Academic Officer and later as Founding Executive Director of the Great Hearts’ Institute for classical education.

“Founding a national institute for classical provided me a front-row seat to the dramatic growth of K-12 classical education—and the teacher training programs from higher education tailored for classical teachers and leaders,” Jackson said. “I was able to witness how much teachers and leaders desire great conversations and thoughtful explanations of the content and pedagogy of classical education.”

In founding and achieving the strategic initiatives of both Classical Commons and Great Hearts’ Institute, Jackson cultivated a national network of K-12 schools, institutions of higher education, and supporting stakeholders like teachers, leaders, parents, and supporters. First-hand, he's seen the value of exchanging stories of success, trading new ideas, and sharing resources like new research or donor opportunities. 

Prior to jumping into the world of classical education, Jackson spent more than a decade as a professor of education of English and education at The King’s College, a private non-denominational Christian liberal arts college in New York City. This was his first role after earning a Ph.D. in Education from Florida State University in 1999, his third degree following his M.S. from FSU and B.A. degree at University of South Florida. His published academic research over the years has explored educational history and philosophy that distinguishes classical liberal arts from progressive modern systems of schooling.

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