Flagler College Theatre Presents Contemporary Musical “If/Then”

"If/Then" Publicity shot
March 29, 2024
By Anna Boone
As the final Theatre Production of the year, Flagler College is happy to announce the premiere of “If/Then,” a captivating contemporary musical by Brian Yorkey and Tom Kitt.

Directed by Performing Arts Professor Andrea McCook, this thought-provoking production will leave audiences with an impression of “how a simple choice in a moment in time can impact the rest of your life... [and] whether certain events in our lives are destined to occur.” 

About “If/Then”  

“If/Then” delves into the complexities of choice, fate, and parallel lives. The story follows Elizabeth, a city planner returning to New York to restart her life. When her meticulously orchestrated path collides with the whims of destiny, her life splits into two parallel narratives. 

Performance Details  

Dates: April 10 – 14 
Times: Evening performances at 7:30 p.m. (April 10-13), Matinee performance at 2 p.m. (April 14)
Venue: Lewis Auditorium, 14 Granada Street, St. Augustine, FL  

Ticket Information

General Admission: $20  
Non-Flagler Students: $5  
Complimentary admission for Flagler students, faculty, staff members, and their families. Present your Flagler ID at the door or email the Box Office to reserve your seats. 

Director’s Q&A 

What was the inspiration for choosing, "If/Then" as the final spring production? 

“The musical was proposed by Flagler Professor of Music and Theatre, Kip Taisey. He indicated how beautiful the music is... And I agreed to direct the production as I found the script and premise intriguing.   

Tom Kitt’s score is known for its emotional depth. How do you guide the actors to convey the nuances of the music? 

“The music, while complex, is also very emotional. So, the first step is to let the music and text inform the actor. Then, we look at the emotional progression of the song, the same way I would work with someone on a monologue. You go moment by moment and thought by thought through the piece.”   

As a director, what unique challenges does “If/Then” present in terms of staging and choreography? 

“The biggest challenge is to try to make clear which of the ‘two worlds’ we are in as they transition back and forth very quickly sometimes. The actor playing Elizabeth can walk from one persona immediately into the other without time to change a costume. Trying to help the audience follow the two plot lines is probably the biggest thing.  

The second challenge is the size of some of the numbers, especially in the first act where they move from one location in New York City to another within one song. Several of the largest numbers contain several scenes within them, in different locations. Additionally, the score is extremely complex, with sometimes as many as six parts, including ensemble, ensemble solos, and principles all singing at once.” 

With the opening just around the corner, what excites you most about bringing “If/Then” to the Flagler College stage? 

“We have so much talent and I am looking forward to showcasing the students, from principles to the ensemble who play various roles throughout the production. Keith Teepen as music director and Patrick Moran as choreographer have been wonderful to work with; I believe we have created a strong collaboration in bringing this story to life.” 


For more information on “If/Then” visit the Theatre Productions webpage. For ticket purchasing, visit: flagler.universitytickets.com or contact the Lewis Auditorium Box Office at (904) 826-8600.    

Guests with disabilities who need to request an accommodation for reasonable access or participation, please contact the Director of the Disability Resource Center, Phil Pownall at Ppownall@flagler.edu.