Embracing our Core Value of Thoughtful Stewardship: The Flagler Family Celebrates Earth Day

April 26, 2022
The first Earth Day celebration was held on April 22, 1970, to recognize the modern environmental movement. Since then, Earth Day has become a modern global holiday where groups and individuals can take action in preserving our planet. We asked some of our Flagler community what Earth Day means to them and how they celebrate.

Leslie Palmer—Coastal Environmental Science Program Student
Since Flagler is a unique coastal campus, coastal environmental science program students have the chance to make beaches and marinas their living classrooms.

“I think Earth Day is a good reminder to people how important it is to take care of our planet. However, I wish it wasn’t one day, but a mindset that people kept throughout the year.”

Grace Kiser—College Democrats
The college democrats at Flagler celebrated by hosting a tabling event on West Lawn to share information about Earth Day with the campus community.

“While every day should be Earth Day, for me, it’s a day for all of us to take the time to appreciate the environment in our busy lives,” Kiser said. “It’s the perfect reminder that the little things matter, like turning off the lights, conserving water, reduce-reuse-recycle, and working towards a sustainable lifestyle.”

Baylee Zimmerman—Alpha Sigma Alpha
Most clubs and organizations on campus engage in community service; a popular project is beach clean-ups to clear trash and debris from our ecosystems each year.

“ASA loves giving back to the environment! One of our favorite things to do is beach clean-ups. We only have one Earth, so we need to take care of it!”

Rachel Hill—Student Government Association
“To me, Earth Day means giving back to the planet that gives us everything. SGA will celebrate Earth Day by partaking in an “Earth Day Tabling” on admitted student day where we will be handing out miniature succulents for current and future students,” Hill said. “SGA has also pushed for a recycling initiative on campus for quite some time.”

Madison Clemens—Campus Activities Board
“CAB and I celebrate Earth Day year-round by being environmentally friendly during our events throughout the year. It’s important to celebrate the Earth every single day!”

Travis Nierendorf—Flagler Groundskeeping
Flagler’s groundskeeping staff works year-round to integrate our campus with nature anywhere possible. Their work includes landscaping, adding new foliage, and much more.

“Earth Day is a wonderful day, and there is a bond people will share, planting trees or cleaning up litter around the community. The great thing about it is Earth Day the next year, another chance to plant more trees and plants.”

Office of Student Leadership and Engagement
The student leadership and engagement office had an inflatable screen where students could see various species of butterflies and even feed nutrients-based nectar. After the event, all butterflies were released into their natural habitat.

Tara Stevenson, Dean of Student Engagement and Career Development shared, “It has been so exciting seeing many of our clubs and organizations come together for one cause: bringing awareness to Earth Day. The collaborative efforts, not just for this event, but throughout the entire academic year made me so proud of all the different initiatives our students are passionate about.”