Ponce Hall Renovation Updates

Through the generous support of its donors and the State of Florida, Flagler College is moving forward with work on the Ponce's West Wing after completing the East Wing in August 2023.

Ponce East Corridor

About the Renovations

"Bird Cage" Common Space: See it unveiled in March. 

West Wing: Site work ends in August 2025.

Hammock Locations: While the palm garden is offline, students can tie up in front of Markland House. 

Flagler Room: Closed from March 4, 2024, to August 2025.

Chiller Plant and Parking: Work began behind Proctor Library in the Spring of 2024. Parking might change.

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A computer render of the refurbished Ponce Hall sitting area.

Construction Details

Site work: Starting in March 2024, workers began to fence around the construction area west of the Ponce, limiting access to the palm garden. We will remove 20 trees at or near the end of life and replace them afterward.

Scaffolding: In March 2024, scaffolding went up around the north end of the West Wing's exterior. Access won't change.

Ponce Room: The priceless ceilings will be protected during construction. Most work was completed in March 2024.

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An exterior shot of Ponce de Leon Hall

Support the Ponce

Flagler College needs our community's help restoring, preserving, and enhancing our historic places. Visit the Flagler Forward campaign below to learn more about how you can help propel the college into this next stage of its transformation.

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Ponce Hall Renovation News

For the latest on our exciting Ponce Hall renovation and preservation efforts, download the Powerpoint below or click on the links to read past stories.