Facilities Management

Learn how we keep the campus beautiful and functional, and ways to get in touch with us.

The Flagler College Facilities Management Department helps maintain, operate, and enhance the physical facilities on campus. Our services include custodial, building maintenance, and landscaping.  

We aim to support a physical environment that promotes learning, teaching, and service for Flagler College students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors. 

Our Services

Maintenance work orders are submitted electronically. 

You can submit a work order electronically through the link below for any of the following:

  •  Air conditioning/heating, plumbing
  • Window shades
  • Electrical
  •  Lighting
  •  Paint
  • Doors
  • Elevators
  • Pest control  
  • Life safety systems

An outside contractor maintains washers and dryers. You can find instructions on each machine.

How to submit a work order

  • Log in to SchoolDude.
  • Fill in the required information.
  • Submit your online form.

Students may contact their resident advisor (RA) or call maintenance at extension 469 for more instructions.


During the semester, housekeeping will remove trash and recycling from hallways and keep common areas clean. At the end of every semester, housekeeping cleans all dorm rooms and bathrooms. 

The cleanliness of rooms and bathrooms during the spring and fall semesters is the student’s responsibility.

For students living on campus, housekeeping does not provide shower curtains, linens, pillows, or paper products. 

These items are purchased by the student. Students may change their own shower head, but a work order must be submitted for the showerhead to be changed. 

Pest Control

Pests such as termites are treated on Tuesdays after receiving a work order. Termites are detected by small piles of sawdust or tiny pellets that look like wood. Please do not remove the evidence, as it will help the technician find the source.

Pests such as ants, spiders, and roaches are treated on Fridays after receiving a work order.


Any damage inflicted on a room, building, or the grounds will be assessed by the Student Life Office. If fines are obvious, the Student Life Office will consult with Maintenance on the cost for repair and the fine to the individual or group involved.


View our Maintenance and Housekeeping FAQs.

The Flagler College Groundskeeping Department puts great effort into the College’s landscape and turf.

From the historical buildings to the beautiful grounds in the heart of St. Augustine, we maintain every corner of the college to the highest standard.

We take great pride in our work. We also do it sustainably. We strive to ensure our water management program uses as little irrigation as possible. That's why we plant native and sustainable plants in the landscape. Our strong Integrated Pest Management program delivers a beautiful campus with as little input as possible.

Follow us on Instagram @FCGrounds for project updates, pictures of the grounds, and lawn and landscape tips!

Traverse Policy

The following links are for events, contractors, or others who must request permission to drive across any campus lawn or landscape.

Traverse Permit Policy

Traverse Permit

The Flagler College Environmental Health and Safety Department ensures overall compliance and safety regarding Federal, State, and Local Environmental Regulations, OSHA and Fire Protection Code, the Department of Health, and many other regulating bodies. 

Through routine inspections, project coordination, standard operating procedures, training, and policy creation, the campus strives to meet all the standards and expectations of code, rules, laws, and regulations to ensure campus health and safety.

Here are some links to our safety plans and policies:

  • Fire Safety Plan
  • Universal Waste Policy

Energy use is the single largest environmental impact on a college campus, but it offers the biggest potential payback. That's why we concentrate our sustainability efforts here. Flagler College self-performs energy audits to figure out ways to save energy and water.

Here are some of the successful energy and water conservation measures we've put in place over the years:

  • Upgrading to newer and more energy-efficient lighting in buildings. That includes adding occupancy sensors to turn off lights in vacant spaces. 
  • Creating and expanding an energy management system. This includes putting in thermostat controls that reset temperature in unoccupied rooms or allow temperature scheduling for some spaces. The system allows remote monitoring and alarms. It's also adjustable to better control building temperature, humidity, and ventilation. With it, we can create more energy savings.
  • Replacing worn kitchen equipment with carefully engineered and efficient Energy Star-rated products. Almost all the equipment in the Ponce de Leon Hall dining area has been replaced with these rated items.
  • Replacing less efficient water heaters with high-efficiency units that have energy management control devices.
  • Upgrading a majority of the college lighting fixtures to LED fixtures of similar color and temperature. 

Our Facility Management team partners with other organizations on new campus construction, renovation, and restoration projects. 

We manage all large and small capital improvement projects by:

  • Selecting architects/engineers and contractors
  • Negotiating and administering all contracts
  • Overseeing/coordinating/integrating the design process
  • Providing in-house design and technical support for smaller projects
  • Providing construction oversight and quality control in the field
  • Managing all aspects of construction, including scope, budget, and schedule
  • Approving invoices and tracking project expenditures and progress

Meet Our Team

Joe Bruce.jpg

Joe Bruce

Executive Director of Facilities



Joe Bruce joined Flagler College after 15 years at the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind (FSDB) in St. Augustine. While there, he held leadership roles in Training and Quality Assurance and participated heavily in policy creation and compliance for state government and educational administration. 

For the last decade, Joe has been a leader in the fields of emergency preparedness, safety & security, and facilities management. As a Florida Certified Contract Manager, he managed small and large-scale construction and renovation projects of all types for historical campus buildings and educational programs.

As the Flagler College Executive Director of Facilities, Joe oversees all building and campus improvements while maintaining the historical integrity and character that makes the College so special. Joe holds a bachelor's degree in History with a concentration in American Studies, is certified to teach K-12 Social Sciences, is an instructor of First Aid, CPR, and Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, and possesses several Homeland Security National Incident Management certifications.

Areas of Specialization:

  • Campus Planning
  • Facility/Maintenance Management
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Policy & Procedure Compliance
  • Contract & Project Management
  • Quality Assurance


Andrew Wetherington.jpg

Andrew Wetherington

Supervisor of Maintenance



A.J. Wetherington has been working for Flagler College for 10 years, the last five as Maintenance Supervisor. In this role, he manages the Maintenance crew as well as the tens of thousands of work orders that are submitted annually.

 AJ is currently working on obtaining a Master’s Degree in Business Admiration with a concentration in Project Management. A.J. holds certifications in Project Management – Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) and Facilities Management – Facilities Management Professional (FMP).


Adam Vargas - final - 103020.jpg

Adam Vargas

Supervisor of Custodial Services



Adam Vargas joined the Flagler College Maintenance Team in 2005. Five years later, Adam earned a promotion to  Supervisor of Custodial and Housekeeping Events. In the time since, Adam has earned multiple management and supervision certifications, as well as a certification in commercial spa and pool maintenance. 

Adam is responsible for overseeing one of Flagler’s largest and most diverse employee teams, providing custodial coverage for the over 1 million square feet of our campus. 

Always focused on the enhancement of our Flagler student experience, Adam and his team take great pride in maintaining the health, safety, cleanliness, disinfection, and overall beauty of our campus.  He also oversees Flagler’s event set-up team that's responsible for supplying and staging all materials required for the always-changing demand for the many unique events throughout our beautiful campus.


Flagler College Logo Placeholder

Gwen Odell

Administrative Assistant of Maintenance and Custodial Services



Gwen Odell joined Flagler College in 2012 after many years in the medical field with the Cancer Center of North Florida and Mayo Clinic.  

As the administrative assistant in Facilities, she oversees the electronic work order request system. Gwen is the face and voice of Facilities customer service for students, staff, and faculty alike. She anchors the day-to-day operations for Facilities Leadership, Maintenance, Grounds, and Household by coordinating requests.


Flagler College Logo Placeholder

Jonathan Cloward



Jonathan Cloward is the Paint Department Supervisor for Flagler College. 

This position is hugely important to maintaining the historic and aesthetic integrity of our storied campus. His work must be in harmony with the Historical Architectural Review Board (HARB). From hurricanes to campus expansion, John has seen abundant positive change at the College over the past ten years. Jon takes pride in the appearance and history of Flagler College and will do his best to continue the school’s tradition of excellence.  

Contact Us

Our office is located at:

107 King Street, Suite C,

St. Augustine, Fla. 32084


We are open Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 

You can contact us by calling (904) 819-6213. 

Or, submit a request below.

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