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Maintenance and Housekeeping FAQs

How do I submit a maintenance request?

To submit a maintenance request, log in to SchoolDude. Fill in the required information. Submit youronline form. 

You may also view the Requester Guide for step-by-step instructions.

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How do I check the status of my request?

On the same screen that you submit a request is a tab labeled My Requests. Click on that tab and you’ll see the status and action notes that provide specific information.

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How do I edit or cancel my work order?

Send an email to with the work request number in the subject line and what needs to be changed and/or canceled in the body. You will receive a reply to the email, and you can also check your My Requests tab.

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I submitted my request but I didn’t get a response until the next day. Why is that?

It depends on the time of day that your request is submitted. If it is submitted after 3pm, it will likely be processed the next day.

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What do I do if the laundry isn’t working?

There is a toll-free number and a website on every laundry machine, along with a unit number identifying the specific location and type of machine. You may call the toll-free number (available 24/7) or place the service request online, reporting the unit number with a brief description of the problem.  Alternatively, students may notify their RA so they may place the service request.

Learn more about Laundry 101

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How do I request emergency maintenance?

Call Security at 904-819-6200 and explain the issue. Common examples include door lock and plumbing issues. Please also submit a work request so it can be documented and followed up on if necessary.

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What is the process for waste disposal in the residence halls?

You may take your waste baskets to the stations throughout the residence halls. These are emptied by the Custodial staff.

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Who do I contact if the waste stations are full?

Submit an online maintenance request for Housekeeping. When selecting “location”, please use a room number closest to that area, then write a description in the text field.

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Who is responsible for cleaning residence hall rooms?

During the academic year, students are responsible for cleaning their own room. If you have a spill, repair or cleaning request, please submit a work request for immediate attention. During the summer, the Housekeeping department is responsible for cleaning the rooms.

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Who do I contact for a clean-up on campus?

If you see a need, please submit a work request and attach a photo when possible. Everyone working together to keep the Facilities Department informed will help maintain a clean campus.

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Who do I contact about pest control concerns?

If you have any pest control concerns on campus, please submit a maintenance request. Once your request is received, we will start the pest control scheduling process. Here is that schedule:

  • Pests such as termites are treated on Tuesday after receiving a work order. 
  • Pests such as ants, spiders, and roaches are treated on Friday after receiving the work order.

Please note: Termites are detected by small piles of sawdust or tiny pellets that look like wood.  Please do not remove the evidence as it will help the technician find the source.

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