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Five Star Plan

Whether it’s the draw of the Ponce’s architectural beauty, the College’s highly acclaimed undergraduate teaching or its close proximity to the beach, our students have told us time and time again that it is because of what happens here is why they stay. For us, a vibrant campus community is so important that we made it a strategic priority years ago. With that and an entrepreneurial spirit like Henry Flagler – we challenged ourselves to think bigger and ask – How can we take a one-of-a-kind college experience and make it even better? The answer is in our Five Star Plan. As we unveil the plan, you will see the work for exciting new spaces, new opportunities, new programs, and new resources emerging this summer. 

What is the Five Star Plan?

The Five Star Plan is the College’s comprehensive improvement strategy that serves as a road map for dynamic new offerings in four pivotal areas – facilities, technology, campus enhancements and the student experience.


Our facility enhancements include updated and expanded laundry facilities, new furniture, common area lounges and kitchens, new student study spaces plus updated flooring, paint and lighting in most of our residence halls.  


Our technology updates will strengthen Internet connections to provide students with a smooth experience while accessing needed academic sites but also those they visit to relax and engage with others. 

Campus Enhancements

Our campus enhancements take advantage of our beautiful location in downtown St. Augustine and offer amenities such as a kayak launch and fire pits to enjoy the year-round pleasant weather.  

Student Experience

Our student experience aims to connect students with one another and their Flagler community through intentional, holistic programming, including exciting opportunities both on and off-campus in the surrounding St. Augustine area.  From the historic buildings and outdoor areas on campus to field trips both near and far, participation takes many different forms within the student experience.

Plus, we are excited to announce the launch of our exclusive Flagler Core Curriculum – a distinctive offering of courses that incorporate our core values and introduce students to topics and skills necessary for a well-rounded education.

These are only the highlights of what lies ahead, so take some time to browse the links below to learn more about the remarkable investments being made into the student experience at Flagler College.

Our Operational Priorities

A computer rendered image of what the Ponce Hall Mezzanine refresh will look like once completed.


Restoration and preservation of our campus facilities

Flagler College students sitting in front of computers in the graphic design classroom.


Technology infrastructure that supports our students and employees every day

A professor and student are standing in front of a presentation board discussing its contents.

Campus Enhancements

Campus enhancements that provide additional offerings and the enhancement of programs that will give students new ways to make the most of their time at Flagler

Two Flagler College students walking on the West Lawn and blowing bubbles

Student Experience

Student experiences that create lasting memories for our students