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Rules and Regulations

Learn more about the rules and regulations you should know about while living at Flagler College.

Contract Cancellation

A large part of the educational experience at a residential college is life on campus. For this reason, all freshmen must live on campus unless they have received prior approval from the Office of Admissions. Transfer students who have completed less than 24 semester hours of credit are also required to live on campus, unless otherwise approved by the Office of Admissions. Returning students must participate in housing week to secure housing for the upcoming academic year. For students who enroll for the fall semester, housing contracts are for the full academic year; thus, the student is responsible for the yearly room and board charges, as stated in the Flagler College Catalog. Students entering Flagler in January will contract for housing for the spring semester only. Students who will graduate in December, or students who will study away in the spring, should contact the Office of Residence Life regarding revision of the housing contract.

The signing of the Flagler College Contract for Student Housing and the submission of the required deposit serves as a binding agreement to fully pay for room and board for the associated academic year. Students wishing to discuss this policy further must submit an email to the Dean of Student Affairs at

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Living off Campus

When can I move off campus?

Freshmen at Flagler College are required to live on campus for their first full academic year. Moving off campus is not permitted unless there are extenuating circumstances that will be reviewed by the Vice President of Student Affairs. Additionally, all housing contracts that begin during the Fall Semester are binding for the full academic year, which includes both the Fall and Spring Semesters.

Transfer students who have completed less than 24 semester hours of credit are also required to live on campus, unless otherwise approved by the Office of Admissions.

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Overnight Guests

Resident students may request one (1) guest to stay overnight for a maximum of two (2) nights. Only one (1) guest per room is allowed. For more information on overnight guests, please refer to the Student Handbook. There are NO Guests allowed during the first and last week of the semester, Finals Week, Spring Break, or Thanksgiving week. Students must register their overnight guests by submitting an Overnight Request Form to Student Affairs, and by submitting payment through CashNet at Both of the preceding must be performed during regular business hours.


  • $10 per night if submitted three days prior (Mattress Delivery Available)
  • $10 per night if submitted less than three days prior (NO Mattress Delivery Available)
  • $50 per night, per guest, for unauthorized, unapproved, or unregistered guest

Overnight Guest Form

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Prohibited and Allowed Items

Flagler College is a dry campus, which means no alcohol or drugs are permitted on campus.

Can I bring a fridge or microwave?
No. You may not bring your own fridge or microwave. The College provides a microwave-fridge combination in each room for students to use.

What cooking equipment can I bring?
The only cooking equipment students are not allowed to bring into the Residence Halls are those with exposed heating coils such as toasters and some hot plates. Blenders, crock pots, coffee makers, George Foreman grills, and any other equipment without exposed heating coils is permitted.

Can I bring a pet?
Fish in a tank of 10 gallons or less are the only pets permitted in the Residence Halls. This category does not extend to turtles, crabs, water lizards, snakes, etc. These and all other pets other than fish are prohibited at all times in the residence halls.

I play an instrument, what can I bring to campus with me?
Many instruments are allowed. However, drum sets and amplification systems are prohibited from the Residence Halls. Small to medium-sized stereos and boom boxes are permitted, although residents should consider others when deciding which types of musical instruments or music-playing devices to bring with them into the Residence Halls.

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Renter's Insurance

Students are strongly encouraged to acquire renter's insurance for their belongings. Some homeowner's insurance policies may cover the belongings of a student living on-campus, so please review your family's homeowner's insurance policy, if any, to determine the applicability of coverage for personal property while living on campus. You can also purchase a renter's Insurance policy through various insurance companies.

Please note that Flagler College, the Office of Student Affairs, and the Office of Residence Life are not responsible for a student's belongings in the event of damage, including fire, sprinkler discharge, hurricanes, etc., per the terms and conditions of the Flagler College Resident Hall Policy Contract. Students are encouraged to obtain their own personal and property loss insurance.

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Resident Personal Property

Per the Flagler College Residence Hall Policy Contract, the College is not responsible for theft or damage to a student's personal property or belongings. It is strongly recommended that all students purchase renter's insurance to cover damage or loss of personal property. If you would like to request an exception to this policy please complete the form below.

Personal Property Damage Claim Form

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Rules for Living in a Residence Hall

Quiet Hours

During this time, residents are expected to be quiet and courteous to fellow roommates and neighbors.

  • 10:00 pm to 7:00 am Sunday Evening-Friday Morning
  • 12:00 am-9:00 am Friday Evening-Sunday Morning.

All residence halls are closed during Winter Break and Summer Break. No residents will be permitted to stay during Winter Break or Summer Break (not including J or summer terms).

Can I remove any furniture from my room?
No. All college-issued furniture must stay in the room. Students cannot move any item out of the room or building. Moving furniture from the lounges into a residential room is also prohibited.

Is smoking permitted in the room?
No. Flagler College buildings are smoke-free.

Can I hang decorations in my room?
Students are allowed to use sticky-tack to attach posters or other wall hangings to the walls. Other adhesive products (including command strips) or push-pins are not permitted on the walls or ceilings of the room. Most rooms have a tack-strip (a strip of wood offset from the wall) where students are permitted to place push-pins or nails. Painting the walls or doors of the room is also not permitted.

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ESAs are permitted in the residence halls if they are approved prior to arrival on campus. All ESAs must be approved, otherwise, the resident will need to remove them immediately. Training Service Dogs are permitted.


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Contact Residence Life

Office Hours
Monday - Friday
8AM - 5PM


Student Services Room 224,
2nd floor, Ringhaver Student Center

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