Maintaining Your Club Charter

There are a few things you'll need to do to keep your club charter at Flagler College.

For a student organization to maintain its charter, it must meet monthly and yearly requirements. The general monthly and annual requirements are below.


Every month, you need to submit the following in Saints Connect:

  • Meeting minutes
  • Regular meeting attendance

Upload this information in Saints Connect under Group Page Files. You can log meeting attendance under each event in Saints Connect, under Registration and Track Attendance/Check-in.

Log in to Saints Connect


Your club is required to have four events a year at a minimum. Here's some more information.

Four Events

  • Two service events. A service event involves helping a charitable or non-profit organization. This could be helping with Habitat for Humanity, having a canned food drive, or hosting a fundraiser.
  • Two social Events. A social event involves an event on campus that has been advertised and is open to the entire campus.

These are the minimum numbers; student organizations are welcome to exceed these minimums.

Monthly Club Presidents Meetings

Presidents must attend the monthly Club Presidents meetings with the Director of Student Leadership and Engagement. If the club president cannot go, a club should send an officer in their place.

Consequences for Non-Compliance

It's important to meet a club's obligations because your club may face sanctions if they aren't.

  • First Offence: The Director of Student Leadership and Engagement will notify the student organization advisor
  • Second Offence: The student organization president will meet with the Director of Student Leadership and Engagement and their advisor on how to resolve the issue
  • Third Offence: The student organization will be evaluated by the Director of Student Leadership and Engagement and Dean of Engagement to determine if the organization will be placed on probation or not.
  • After a Third Offence: If the student organization fails to meet the requirements. The Director of Student Leadership and Engagement will present the organization to the Student Government Association (SGA). SGA will decide whether the club will remain active on campus.