#FCGradStories 2023

Every year, Flagler College grads passionately exemplify intelligence, creativity, skill, and entrepreneurship. The Class of 2023 is no exception, consisting of more than 450 students who will join the incredible company of the College's alumni network. This network of Saints continuously proves the value of a Flagler experience.

We asked professors and staff to recommend a robust group of graduating seniors from the Class of 2023 who boldly embody what it means to be a Saint. 

Explore the stories of these featured graduates, the wisdom they’ve collected, and the caliber of excellence they achieved at Flagler College:

Joy Agboola-335x335.jpg
Joy Agboola

Computer Information Systems major

“My Flagler experience was challenging, fun, and inspiring.”

IT Intern for The Stellar Group- an integrated consulting firm

McKenna McQueen
McKenna McQueen

Theatre Arts major | Music, and Arts Administration minor

“My Flagler experience was collaborative, exciting, and eye-opening.”

Honors Program, Theatre Department student leadership

Annabelle Lassiter-335x335.jpg
Annabelle Lassiter

Secondary Education Math, and Mathematics major

“My Flagler experience was defined by community, learning adaptability, and friendship.”

LRC math tutor, Mathematics Department Intern, Fruit Cove Middle School student teacher

Matthew Dutton-335x335.jpg
Matthew Dutton

Digital Media Production & Journalism, and Strategic Communication major| English, and Communication & Media Minor

“My Flagler experience was exciting, emotional, and filled with coffee.”

Honors Program, PRSSA chapter President, Flagler College Ambassador

Maya Whitfield

Marketing major| Economics, and Business Administration minor

“My Flagler experience was memorable, inspiring, and transformative.”

Honors Program, Collegiate AMA chapter President, St. Augustine Historical Society’s Surf Culture Museum Intern

Keeli Scarlett
Keeli Scarlett

Strategic Communication major

“My Flagler experience was fun, motivating, and enriching.”

Saints Alliance peer mentor, BFDC leadership, Strike Magazine Beauty Director, Breakout Studio Copywriting Intern

Marysa Tuttle-335x335.jpg
Marysa Tuttle

Digital Media Production & Journalism major| Creative Writing minor

“My Flagler experience was crazy and incredible, it felt like a movie!”

ABC WRIC 8 News Intern, freelance Videographer

Kennedy Muff-335x335.jpg
Kennedy Millin-Muff

Marketing major | Business Administration, and Advertising minor

“My Flagler experience was memorable, impactful, and victorious.”

Flagler Volleyball Captain, Rochelle’s Clothing Boutique Marketing Liaison

Marietta Ruhl
Marietta Ruhl

International Business major | Business Administration, and Advertising minor

“My Flagler experience was exciting, transformative, and challenging.”

Flagler Golf, Schott AG Innovation PR & Storytelling Intern, SAM International Business Conference presenter

Rachel Hill-335x335.jpg
Rachel Hill

Strategic Communication major| Creative Writing minor

“My Flagler experience was amazing, challenging, and a little bit silly.”

SGA Executive Board leadership, Anime Club Founder, Student Activities & Campus Recreation Intern

Brooke Rhonembus
Brooke Rhonemus

Digital Media Production & Journalism major | Advertising minor

“My Flagler experience was ambitious, adventurous, and fueled by coffee.”

Marketing and Communications Intern, Strike Magazine videographer and photographer, freelance photographer

Grace Donnelly-335x335.jpg
Grace Donnelly

Psychology major | Theatre Arts minor

“My Flagler experience was theatrical, explorative, and eye-opening.”

Flagler College Ambassador, Student Engagement Intern, Theatre cast member, Boys & Girls Club support counselor, freelance photographer

Amber Blackmon-335x335.jpg
Amber Blackmon

Computer Information Systems major | Business Administration minor

“My Flagler experience was welcoming, supportive, and full of sisterhood.”

Flagler College Ambassador, Technology Services Intern, Phi Alpha Omega Executive Board Member

Spencer Hooker-335x335.jpg
Spencer Hooker

Strategic Communication, and Hospitality & Tourism Management major| Digital Media Production & Journalism minor

“My Flagler experience was defined by friends, community, and opportunity.”

Black Student Union Executive Board, SGA Executive Board, Lincolnville Museum & Cultural Center Marketing Specialist Intern

Amelia Burkel
Amelia Burkel

Criminology major | Pre-Law minor

“My Flagler Experience was fulfilling, uplifting, and rewarding.”

Mock Trial Captain, St. John’s County Courthouse Intern