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ASL Placement Test FAQs

What is the placement test?

A tool that evaluates a student's ASL communication skills and knowledge of ASL linguistics and Deaf culture. The placement is necessary even if students already have earned credits for ASL, they will need to take the placement test to ensure they have the necessary skills for our courses.

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Who has to take the placement test?

Students who have ASL experience and who feel their skills may be appropriate for SLS 202 or higher, have been admitted to the college unconditionally, and hope to begin the series higher than SLS 201.

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When must the placement test be taken?

If you meet the criteria above, then you must take the placement test prior to enrolling in the SLS course series. Your test scores determine the most appropriate level for you to start within the series.

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What is the format of the placement test?

The test includes two components:

  • Expressive (signing) evaluates the candidate’s expressive signing skills with vocabulary, grammar, and classifiers specifically, their arrangement in space, and their use with verbs of motion and plurals.
  • Written component: Your ASL history and self-assessment.
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How long will the placement test take to complete?

To appropriately complete the test, please allow yourself sufficient time to complete.

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When is the test offered?
  • Once each semester (Fall, Spring)
  • Specific dates and times are determined at the beginning of each semester.

Contact the Coordinator of Sign Language Studies to schedule your placement test.

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When will I get my results?

Usually within 48 hours from the conclusion of receptive test.

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What should I do after I get my results?
  • If you do not test into SLS 202 or higher and still wish to take ASL, you must register for SLS 201.
  • If you feel it would be in your best interest to take a class lower than the level you were placed, contact the Coordinator of Sign Language Studies.
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Can I re-take the test if I don't like my results?

No. However, you may submit a detailed written appeal of the decision within 24 hours of the reception of the results.

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What if I need test accommodations?

In the case of students who may have a learning disability, need special arrangements and/or petitions, contact the Office of Disability Services we will provide accommodations to the best of our ability for students who are registered with the office.

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