Tatika Sterling

Senior Financial Aid Counselor

Tatika Sterling


I hail from the beautiful island of Antigua and Barbuda. Having previously resided in New York and Maine, I now call Jacksonville, Florida my hometown.

Why did you choose to work at Flagler?

Apart from Flagler's impressive architecture, the valuable insights I gained during my first interview convinced me that it was the ideal workplace for me. I was eager to be part of a culture that is passionate and dedicated, values its students and employees, and promotes a dynamic, engaging, and collaborative work environment; truly showcasing its Mission and Core Values.

Favorite St. Augustine activity

My favorite activity in St. Augustine is riding the trolley and enjoying the "Nights of Lights" display, like many tourists do.

Tip(s) for students applying for Financial Aid

First things first, as the saying goes, take a moment to breathe deeply and calmly, then smile. Applying for financial aid marks the beginning of a rewarding and exciting professional career. Refrain from making any assumptions about whether or not you are eligible for financial aid. Submit your FAFSA early, fulfill all deadlines, and work on improving your time management skills. When in doubt, please contact your financial aid counselor. There are no foolish questions. Let us guide you through your journey. I cannot emphasize this enough; utilizing every resource at your disposal, whether it’s federal/state aid, scholarships, student loans, College savings accounts, work-study programs, or a combination of these options, is a key factor in achieving your professional goal. Always remember, it is essential to grasp the concept that financial aid is an investment, not just in oneself but in society as a whole.

Tip(s) for parents applying for Financial Aid

Navigating your child from middle school through high-school was a source of unimaginable anxiety. Now, you have a young adult that is college-bound and financing that dream education can be even more stressful. However, if you establish realistic expectations and are aware of what is within your financial capabilities, both you and your future grad can achieve their professional goals. Ergo, financial aid.

The provision of financial aid, can assist in mitigating some of your costs and irrespective of your family's finances it is essential to complete the FAFSA. You could be eligible for a greater amount of aid than you realize!

Your future graduate may be able to realize their professional dreams with the support of any number of available financial aid programs, including grants, scholarships, and loans from both the public and private sectors.

Create a calendar with relevant dates to avoid missing any crucial financial aid deadlines.

Uncertain about how to begin? Contact the student’s designated financial aid counselor. Applying for financial aid involves collaborative efforts within the family and fosters a robust support system.