Jennifer Pedicelli

Associate Director of Financial Aid, VA Certifying Official

Jennifer Pedicelli

Orlando, Fla.

Why did you choose to work at Flagler?
I worked in banking for 10 years. After working with college students for the last four years, I found I had a passion for helping students with the financial aspect of their college careers. Flagler is an amazing College that really cares about their students along with being in a beautiful historic environment.

Favorite St. Augustine activity
I love going to the beach and pool!

Tip(s) for students applying for financial aid
Make sure you complete your FAFSA as early as possible and check your financial aid portal for required documents and to accept your awards. Scholarships, Scholarships, Scholarships, no matter how many nos you get, keep applying for scholarships. It's free money, take it!

Tip(s) for parents applying for financial aid
Encourage your student to take an active role in the Financial Aid aspect of their college career. 

It's a very important start to being financially savvy and independent. Help them start a budget. There are a lot of costs they didn't know existed until this point. If they can start a budget now, it will grow and change with them and hopefully prevent a mountain of debt later in life.