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Arrange for your school's records office to send your official transcripts to Flagler. If you transferred schools and are attending a school that did not include your full academic career, please have your former school send those transcripts on your behalf.

Your recommendation letter must be written by someone who knows you in an academic setting. Think: teacher, school counselor, etc.

We'll send them a link so they can submit letters electronically. They can also email them to

If you're applying via the Common Application, you can submit all your documents through the Common Application site.

We strive to select students who show strong personal values, excellent citizenship, self-advocacy, and a commitment to the pursuit of knowledge above standardized testing.

That's why test scores are optional (unless you’re homeschooled).

If you are a driven student with personal integrity, but your scores don't reflect your abilities, you may opt out.

If, on the other hand, you think your test results are a good example of your promise, you can submit your SAT and ACT scores with the codes below.

SAT – 5235 ACT - 0772

The essay prompts differ between the Flagler and Common applications. You will see the Common Application essay prompt as soon as you begin.

The Flagler essay prompt is below.

Flagler’s essay prompt:

We strive to admit students who will excel and reach their full potential during their college experience. Please provide an essay of at least 250 words that describes a single event or a single theme that defines your character and/or your aspirations.