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Office of the Registrar

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Get to know the new Registrar Office team!  Each one of us is dedicated to making the pathway of the students at Flagler College seamless and successful by working with various offices on campus as well as faculty members.

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The Registrar is responsible for final approvals of documents, data management, organizer of courses, and location availability. They facilitate fall, spring, and summer registration terms as well as Flagship registration.

The Registrar also serves on the Faculty Senate board, and the Care Team Committee, and regularly attends CACE meetings.

Adam Doine

Adam Doine

Assistant Registrar

Mr. Doine is the backbone of our office!

His primary tasks are: Independent Studies and Internships approvals, dismissals, expulsions, non-returning student questionnaires, subpoenas, transient summer forms, College Board applications, first-year, and dual-enrolled student entries, and National Clearinghouse reports and meetings.

Mr. Doine requires appointment scheduling to be seen. You can reach him at

Iliana Vargas

Iliana Vargas

Assistant Registrar

Ms. Vargas is all about graduation!

Her primary tasks are: graduating seniors, conferring degrees, commencement, advising worksheets, course substitutions and waivers, degree audits, and catalog updates. Iliana participates in the Curriculum and Graduation Meetings.

Ms. Vargas requires appointment scheduling to be seen. You can reach her at

Diana Gonzalez

Diana Gonzalez

Pre-Enrollment Advisor and Graduation Analyst

Ms. Gonzalez is our newest position!

As the new hybrid position for the Registrar’s Office, her primary tasks include: Graduation Analyst for second term Juniors to get on the right path towards graduation by reviewing advising worksheets and transcripts and making recommendations. As a Pre-Enrollment Advisor, Diana will meet with incoming transfer students, and assist with scheduling courses. She works with the Admissions Team to provide unofficial degree audits for deposited transfer students and transcript entries. Diana supervises work interns in the Registrar’s office.

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Telephone: (904) 819-6204

Mailing Address

74 King Street St Augustine, FL 32084

Physical Location

50 Sevilla Street Ringhaver Student Center (2nd floor)
Our office is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (except on recognized college holidays).

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