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Aerial photo of campus

Alma Mater

Here We Stand, Together

In memory of John D. Bailey, Sr.
and his 47 years of service to Flagler College

Lyrics by: Craig Woelfel
Music by: Kip Taisey

Here we stand, together,
Where sand meets with the sea.
And pasts meet the with future
In old St. Augustine.

Oh, here we stand, together,
To make this promise true:
To strive, to seek, to serve,
To build, and to renew.

Hope is our track forward and
Love our bridge between.
Our legacy is building the
Flagler Family!

Here we stand together,
Where Henry Flagler stood
To hail our alma mater,
To seek the common good.

We hail our alma mater,
And seek the common good.


Flagler College Alma Mater Choral Score