Final Exam Schedule

Exam Schedule

Administrative Notes

  1. Instructors may not change the day or time of a scheduled final exam.
  2. If the class start time does not exactly match the exam class start time, the instructor will select the closest available exam time. In this situation, the student should refer to the course syllabus for exam time.
  3. Students who miss a final exam must notify the instructor within 24 hours; otherwise, a failing grade for the exam will be issued automatically. No Absence will be excused unless a student faces unavoidable circumstances (e.g., medical or family emergency) that can be supported with documentation.
  4. When a student has three or more examinations scheduled for the same day, it is the responsibility of the instructor to give the latest examination to reschedule. It is the responsibility of the student to inform the instructor at least one week prior to the final exam.
  5. The final exam is to be administered in the room where the class has been taught.