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Discover your proficiency in American Sign Language (ASL), French, or Spanish through our language placement tests. To get started with your ASL or foreign language placement test, simply the information below for the relevant information.

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Foreign Language Placement Exams: Get Credit for What You Know

Flagler offers placement exams for French and Spanish. These tests cover grammar, reading, and vocabulary, with a $10 fee required. While taking the exam is optional, we encourage students with previous language experience to consider it. Some majors require foreign language courses, and the test may help you determine your academic plan.

If you place into SPA 102/FRE 102 or higher and earn a B or better, you can earn up to 6 credit hours. For example, placing into SPA 201 lets you earn 6 credits for SPA 101 and 102 if you excel in SPA 201. Native speakers, exempt from the test, can earn 6 credits for lower-level courses after scoring a B or better in higher-level classes.

Ready to take the test? Register and pay the $10 fee. Once completed, the Center for Advising and Core Experience (CACE) will inform you of your placement results and update your academic record.

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We're thrilled about your interest in our ASL courses at Flagler College. We understand that ASL education in the U.S. may not follow a standardized curriculum, so our courses might differ from those you've taken in high school or elsewhere.

The ASL Placement Screening serves two essential purposes: ensuring you're placed in the right class for your needs and determining the best ASL course to support your learning and match your current skill level.

Ready to request a date for the ASL Placement Test? To schedule an ASL screening interview, email the Director of the ASL Program, June Ann LeFors at

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If you have additional questions about our ASL Placement Test, we've developed an FAQ. 

ASL Placement Test FAQ


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