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Five Star Plan


Flagler College is committed to restoring and preserving existing facilities to provide every student with a premium, first-class campus to call home.

A computer render of the refurbished mezzanine space

Mezzanine Refresh

Virtual Ponce Hall Mezzanine Renderings

Experience the new Mezzanine before it launches!

Residence Hall Maintenance Improvement Plans

Ponce Hall
A computer render of the Ponce Hall mezzanine refresh.

A computer render of the Ponce Hall mezzanine refresh.

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Download the Ponce Hall Residence Moodboard (PDF 5MB)

Highlights of the Ponce de Leon Hall Plans

  • The immense outdoor pool, solarium with views of the Intracoastal and the largest private collection of Tiffany glass serve as the backdrop for an unforgettable residential experience, so their preservation is of monumental import and a continuous effort.
  • With approximately 375 residential students calling the one-time resort hotel home, a comprehensive plan to update flooring, paint, furniture, and lights have been scheduled to begin this summer, so our students will be welcomed to a new and refreshed space. 
  • As with any home, there is the desire to have a space to focus, relax and entertain. The creation of small and group study and meeting spaces in the residential space brings this amenity right to our students where they most want it and can use it.
  • While laundry is not the favorite chore of many, access to a washer and dryer are a necessity of student life, so we have relocated its location to make it more accessible for residents of the Ponce.
  • Historical buildings have amazing character, but they are more enjoyable with all of the modern-day amenities. With this in mind, improvements are being made to the HVAC system.
  • Step back in time and hang out at one of the coolest spots on campus, the Mezzanine on the second floor of the Ponce. With new furniture, flooring and lighting, it will be the place everyone wants to be.
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Lewis House
A black and white computer render of a refurbished lounge area.

A black and white computer render of a refurbished lounge area.

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Highlights of Improvements to Lewis House

Lewis House, built in the 1980s as a residence hall, will be receiving many modern upgrades to meet with needs of our students. What makes our Saints community so special is the close bonds our students make with their classmates, who become life-long friends. This is why Lewis House will receive upgrades that enhance the student experience through additional study and group meeting spaces, recreation and patio spaces as well as a community kitchen. Residential rooms in Lewis will also get a new look with paint, refurbished bathrooms and new furniture! 

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Cedar Hall

While improvements for Cedar Hall will not take place until Winter break 2022, we are excited to share the upcoming plans for this residential space. We are reimagining spaces to meet the needs of our students by creating study lounges, gathering nooks, a game room, and a new laundry facility. 

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All Residence Halls: Refresh laundry machines; Improve work order management system; Add night shift maintenance workers; Create stock inventory for immediate HVAC repairs.