The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is a resource for all in our Flagler Family to learn and grow in support of our values and stated goal of creating a welcoming and inclusive community. 

We are committed to educating the whole person. As a community of inquiry, we value freedom of expression and the bond between teacher and student. We embrace a personalized education that is designed to transform lives and instill a passion for lifelong learning. 

Transformative Learning

These resources are meant to help guide first-generation college students and/or anyone who supports them. First-generation students are categorized as students whose parents/legal guardians have not completed or attended a four-year college degree.   

  • First-Generation College Student Guide: A collective guide for first-generation college students addressing challenges, college timelines, and advice. Highlights specific support for students interested in going into the medical field
  • I’m First! A First-Generation Community Network: An online community resource site dedicated to those who are first-generation college students
  • Types of Financial Aid for Flagler College: Learn more about the financial resources from the Flagler College Financial Aid Office
    Types of Financial Aid

These resources are meant to enhance the classroom experience by intentionally integrating dialogue across differences through a diversity, equity, and inclusion lens.  

Proctor Library

  • Learn more about the Civil Rights Movement in Florida as well as the pivotal influence the Civil Rights Movement had in our very own St. Augustine.
     Civil Rights in Florida
  •  Enjoy Proctor Library’s expansive digital collections highlighting several cultural heritages throughout history.
    Digital Collections
  • Learn more about the historical markers in our local area and the state of Florida.
    Historical Markers 
  • A student guide to exploring and utilizing Proctor Library and its resources
    International Student Library Guide
  • Explore culture through various virtual museum tours around the world
    Virtual Museum Tours

The DRC provides reasonable curricular/co-curricular accommodations to ensure that students with disabilities can access the College and its programs through intentional interventions, programs, and services to meet federal guidelines, encourage personal growth, and increase effective communication.
Disability Resource Center

  • Request an ASL Interpreter: If you need an ASL interpreter or are seeking one for inclusive, accessible programming/events, please utilize this form. For any further questions, please email Heather Corry, Interpreter Coordinator, at
    Request for an ASL/English Interpreter

We foster a sense of respect and appreciation for the dignity of all individuals. We cultivate an inclusive and diverse community that encourages civil and productive dialogue across differences.

Respectful & Inclusive Community

Antiracism is the range of ideas that encourage seeking actionable ways to oppose racism and promote racial tolerance.  

Affinity Groups are student-led organizations that celebrate a traditionally marginalized identity. Listed below are the current registered affinity groups under the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement 

  • Black Student Union (BSU): Black Student Union seeks to give Black students a voice on a predominantly White campus. The Black Student Union provides a safe space for students to express themselves and create intentional program to celebrate the African Diaspora  
  • Black Female Development Circle: Black Female Development Circle is an organization dedicated to providing a support system for Black women and celebrating the intersectionality of their identities  (BFDC)  
  • Deaf Awareness Club (DAC): Deaf Awareness Club is committed to raising awareness of the rich Deaf culture through educating about sign language, intentional programming, and engaging in local community partnerships such as with the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind  
  • Jewish Student Association (JSA): The Jewish Student Association is committed to celebrating and providing education with the Flagler community about the Jewish identity  
  • Latin American Student Organization (LASO): The Latin American Student Organization centers the Latinx/Hispanic identity through community and engaged programming  
  • Pride Alliance: Pride Alliance celebrates the LGBTQIA+ community at Flagler College and provides a safe network for LGBTQIA+ identifying students and allies 
  • Metaphysic Esoteric Theocratic Association (M.E.T.A): The Metaphysic Esoteric Theocratic Association is dedicated to representing the spiritual and cultural significance in paganism as well as its roots -  

    Are you interested in creating an affinity group on campus?
    Please email Ashley Cofield, Director of Student Leadership and Engagement 

The Flagler College Multicultural Student Leadership Council is composed of student representatives from Flagler College’s affinity groups and students who are interested in cultivating their leadership through multicultural awareness.  The Multicultural Student Council’s mission is to cultivate multicultural awareness, global citizenship, and a sense of belonging for students with traditionally marginalized identities across the Flagler College campus through providing resources, leadership development opportunities, and collaboration initiatives. If interested in getting involved with the MSLC, please contact Mary Rose Pedron, Assistant Director of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, at and look out for events posted on Saints Connect!  

The Saints Alliance is a peer mentoring program under the Office of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion aimed to help create a sense of belonging for students with traditionally marginalized identities through one-on-one peer mentoring and cohort model peer support. All students entering their first year at Flagler College, including first-year and transfer students, are welcome to apply! 

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the academic year.
Saints Alliance Peer Mentee Application

Saints Supporting Saints is a program that offers foundational and continuous diversity, equity, and inclusion education for the Flagler College community. Participants of the Saints Supporting Saints program will earn stickers to place on their office door to signify their journey of active education, and willingness to have conversations and provide allyship to all members of Flagler's community.

These resources are meant to provide support for those who identify with or would like to learn more about the LGBTQIA+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, and other identifiers under the community umbrella).  

  • Chosen name & Pronoun Resources: 

You can declare your pronouns on your Canvas account under your profile settings. 

Pronouns Usage Practice App: If you are seeking to learn and practice with using various pronouns, this app is a wonderful tool that includes practical applications and examples

  • Gender Spectrum: Gender Spectrum is a national organization committed to the health and well-being of gender-diverse youth through education and training resources 
  • Coming Out Resources: This is a great resource for those who may be considering “coming out” and as well as others who seek to be allies for the LGBTQIA+ community. Coming out in the LGBTQIA+ context is the act of self-disclosing one’s identity with others 
  • Equality Florida: Equality Florida is a resource that provides LGBTQIA+ Floridians and their loves ones to know and understand current legislations and laws in the United States the affect the LGBTQIA+ community
  • LGBTQIA+ Glossary: The LGBTQIA+ Glossary is a resource to learn and understand more of the various terms that are involved with the LGBTQIA+ spectrum including gender identity, sexual orientation, and different Pride communities 
  • LGBTQIA+ Mental Health Resources: This resource provides guidance for those who identify as LGBTQIA+ for mental health resources that cater to their specific experiences
  • Transaction Florida: Transaction Florida is a resource that provides guidance and support for Transgender individuals in the state of Florida 
  • The Trevor Project: The Trevor Project is the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for young people.
  • Women’s Studies Minor at Flagler College: If you are interested in getting more involved academically with gender studies, you can learn more about the Women’s Studies Minor at Flagler College.
  • Campus Pride Career Connect (CPCC) is a one-stop career engagement portal that aims to connect LGBTQ+ students with prospective employers.

Flagler College is a community of learners. As such, we recognize and affirm that freedom of expression and free intellectual inquiry and debate are vital to our academic mission and must be protected, even when the views expressed are unpopular or controversial.  To ensure that demonstrations do not threaten the safety of others, suppress others’ right to speech, or disrupt the education of students, Flagler College community members (current students, faculty, and staff) are expected to notify the College via Online Demonstration Form (link in the policy) 5 days in advance of the demonstration, if possible. The College will respond to the demonstration organizers with respect to reasonable time, place, and manner considerations within 24 hours of notification. 

These resources are meant to help provide guidance and education on various religious practices and customs worldwide.  

We believe that ethical citizenship should be exemplified on campus and in the community. We set high expectations for honesty, integrity, and individual responsibility. We are deeply committed to building a community of trust.

Citizenship With Integrity

These resources are meant to help individuals reflect on their privilege and power to contribute towards social change that aligns with citizenship and integrity.  

For Students: We are able and willing to provide therapeutic consultations, by phone. Please contact us at 904-819-6305 or via email for an appointment.  

Counseling Services

For Employees: Professional support could include - finding a therapist through your health plan, accessing counseling through your Employee Assistance Program (EAP), or talking to your HR team about wellness benefits that may be available. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dr. Jessica Kobryn, Assistant Dean of Students for Title IX and Equity, at or (904) 826-8553. 

Bias/Discrimination Reporting Form   

We are dedicated to stewardship: to the care of each other, to the preservation of our historical buildings and natural resources, to the responsible management of our financial resources and gifts, and to the celebration of the remarkable heritage of St. Augustine with its vibrant cultures and history.

Thoughtful Stewardship

These resources are to help our Flagler community feel connected with St. Augustine and provide local resources that cater to various traditionally marginalized identities.  

  • Betty Griffin Center: Betty Griffin Center provides services of hope and healing for victims of domestic and sexual assault in St. Johns County 
  • Lincolnville Museum: The Lincolnville Museum and Cultural Center (LMCC) is an African-American history museum located in the Lincolnville neighborhood of Saint Augustine, FL 
  • Fort Mose: Fort Mose Historic State Park is a 40-acre waterfront historic site that commemorates the first free Black settlement in the United States 
  • House of Prism: House of Prism is committed to the advocacy, education, and services for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual+ in the St. Augustine and St. Johns area 
  • JASMYN: JASMYN supports the empowerment of LGBTQIA+ young people through leadership, advocacy, resources, and a safe and affirming community across Northeast Florida  
  • Islamic Center of St. Augustine: The Islamic Center of St. Augustine provides a facility for prayer, education, and religious gatherings for the Muslim community 
  • Chabad of St. Augustine:  Chabad of St. Augustine is a community-based nonprofit organization whose efforts are rooted in traditional Jewish values. They support all Jews regardless of background or affliction 

Flagler College occupies the ancestral homeland of the Seminole, Miccosukee, Timucua, and Apalachee tribal nations, whose rich knowledge and ways of life are deeply connected to these lands. We acknowledge the painful history of genocide and forced removal from this territory, understanding that our debt to Indigenous People in our State and country require continuous action in unlearning colonized behavior and creating intentional partnerships with local Indigenous communities. The Office of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion is committed to seeking resources, educational opportunities, and meaningful programming that celebrate the Indigenous communities that have come before us. 

  • Decolonization is for Everyone: This TedTalk addresses the history of colonization and how one can pursue the path of decolonization through the idea that “this history of not your fault, but it is absolutely your responsibility” presented by Nikki Sanchez 
  • Educational Resources Celebrating the Indigenous Identity: This collection of resources provides tools to integrate and celebrate the Indigenous identity within education 
  • Honoring Indigenous Cultures and Histories: This video provides perspective on transforming social institutions to make them inclusive and equitable with shared experiences from Dr. Jill Fish 
  • Indian Health Service: The Indian Health Service is dedicated to the physical, mental, social, and spiritual health of Native Americans through providing comprehensive and culturally appropriate personal and public health services 
  • Native Governance Center: Native Governance Center is a Native-led nonprofit dedicated to assisting Native nations in strengthening their governance systems and capacity to exercise sovereignty 
  • Native Land Map: Native Land Map provides users the opportunity to explore the history of colonialism, Indigenous ways of knowing, and settler-Indigenous relations, through educational resources such as a comprehensive map that highlight the various territories belonging to different Indigenous communities