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Obelisk Art 450

September 4 – 18, 2015

Obelisk Poster

A large-scale public art initiative, the Obelisk Art 450 Tour of Compassion showcases the talents of well-known artists who exhibit theirwork locally, nationally and internationally. Each artist selected demonstrated not only professional experience but also the ability and passion to imaginatively interpret the four foundational values –– Freedom, Democracy, Human Rights and Compassion –– of the original, 30-foot Monumento de la Constitucion obelisk on St. Augustine’s public square.

Edgar Endress, "Finding Baroque"

October 2 – November 28, 2015

Exhibition walkthrough with artist: Friday, October 2, 4pm
Opening Reception: Friday, October 2, 5 to 9pm
Press Release 
This collaborative project between Flagler students and artist Edgar Endress (Associate Professor of Art, George Mason University) considers Spanish colonization in Florida,specifically the implementation of Baroque as the mechanism of cultural andreligious dominance in the Spanish colonies. The project researches the Baroque through the icons of the historical dominant culture in St. Augustine. These visual and verbal forms are dynamic, porous, and permeable, incorporating the cultural perspectives and iconographies of the indigenous and African laborers and artisans who built and decorated Catholic structures.

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