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Training and Education

Understanding Title IX begins with awareness and education. We’re here as a resource to educate you on what sexual misconduct is, and how to respond when faced with it.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month 

Please check out the Title IX page on Saints Connect for details for Sexual Assault Awareness Month! If you'd like to get involved in planning events for Sexual Assault Awareness Month, please contact 

Title IX Peer Educator Program

This program aims to empower students with the knowledge of the Title IX policy and process so they can advocate to other students on campus and in the classroom. It amplifies student voices on power-based personal violence prevention, response and policy initiatives on campus.  If you are interested in becoming a TIX Peer Educator, contact  

We also support the national organization, It's On Us. They supply free workshops and educational programs. Please visit this link for more information: 

Campus Climate Survey

This bi-annual survey assesses students’ understanding of sexual violence, as well as ways in which Flagler can strengthen its efforts to safeguard students. The next Campus Climate Survey will be administered January 2022.

Campus Climate Survey Results Spring 2018  |  Campus Climate Statement 2018

Bystander Intervention

Flagler encourages all members of the campus community to be active bystanders. A bystander is anyone who observes any situation. We all observe thousands of incidents, but usually, do not acknowledge the situation as needing our response. An active bystander is someone who acknowledges a problematic situation and chooses how to respond. They must decide if they will speak up, step in, or offer assistance. Bystander training will be available throughout the semester. Please contact if you would like to get involved.


Want to learn more in-person? Title IX Coordinator Jess Kobryn is available to present more information to your class, office, club, hall or group.  Please email with your specific interests.

Title IX Team Training

The Title IX Team is provided with regular training that can be found here: Title IX Team Training


If you have any questions about Title IX, please contact Jess Kobryn, Title IX Coordinator & Equity Investigator. She is located in the Student Center- room 218 and can be reached via phone at 904.826.8553 or email: