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Flagler College Security personnel posing in front of Ponce Hall


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LiveSafe is an app that connects students with campus security in real-time. It uses text, picture, video and audio to help create a safer environment on campus. Students and parents are strongly encouraged to download and use LiveSafe.

Through the app students can

  • Receive safety/emergency notifications
  • Submit safety tips anonymously
  • Request help in an emergency
  • Utilize SafeWalk, a feature that shows where they are in relation to safe places on campus
  • Invite friends and family to watch them travel to their destination.

To get started with LiveSafe, follow these easy steps:

  1. Download LiveSafe app from iTunes or Google Play app stores
  2. Sign up with your Flagler email and verify your account. Once it’s verified, fill out your profile and create a password
  3. Allow LiveSafe to access your location then search for and select Flagler College. The logo should appear at the top once selected.

We recommend allowing LiveSafe to send push notifications on your phone so that you can receive emergency announcements as soon as possible.

Graphic demonstrating steps to download and sign up for LiveSafe app.