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The Office of Diversity of Inclusion is a resource for all in our Flagler Family to learn and grow in support of our values and stated goal of creating a community that is welcoming and inclusive. With the backdrop of a pandemic, during the last week of May, it has become apparent that race and racism continues to be a source of pain and national frustration for all of us.

Though we do not purport to have all the answers, we have collected a few resources that we hope can support the grieving, healing, learning, and developmental process that we may all need at one time or another. As time continues to reveal what divides us, it is our hope that through intentional work we can come together.


Support For Your Mental Health

For Students: We are able and willing to provide therapeutic consultations, by phone. Please contact us at 904-819-6305 or via email for an appointment.

For Employees: Professional support could include - finding a therapist through your health plan, accessing counseling through your Employee Assistance Program (EAP), or talking to your HR team about wellness benefits that may be available.