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Counseling Services and COVID-19

We’re all likely experiencing some emotional discomfort (or worse!)--given the spread of Covid-19 and the disruption to our lives. If you need assistance in the form of counseling, please review the information below: 

If you are a student remaining on-campus 

We are able and willing to provide therapeutic consultations, by phone.  Please phone us at 904-819-6305 or email for an appointment. 

If you are a student who is off-campus 

we are willing and able to provide therapeutic consultations, by phone. Additionally, we are happy to assist you in finding a local provider.  So that we can be most helpful, we encourage you to investigate a local therapist and/or psychiatrist before contacting us:

To find a local therapist and/or psychiatrist: 

  • Contact your insurance provider for a list of local providers who accept your insurance.  Look at your insurance card or insurance-company website for information about how to do so.
  • Your insurance carrier may have a provision for teletherapy services.  Contact your insurance company for information. 
  • Your primary-care doctor’s office may be able to provide referral suggestions to you.
  • Psychology Today will allow you to locate local therapists who accept your insurance.
  • You may want to consider online mental health services such as TalkSpace.
  • Students who remain abroad can contact the College’s iSOS program for referral assistance while abroad.
  •  Type in your zip code for local information about Essential Needs, Crisis and Emergency, Covid-19, Service Providers, and Disaster Assistance

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis

  • Go to your local hospital emergency department.
  • Use the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
  • Use the crisis text line: 74174
  • Call Flagler College Safety and Security at 904-819-6200

If you need further assistance

We are happy to consult with you. Please phone our office to schedule a time for a brief “meeting.”  We are happy to speak with you by phone, but phone calls are NOT HIPAA-compliant.  This means your conversation cannot be assured to be confidential. The office is not physically open but we will be honoring scheduled appointments with phone consultations through April 30, 2020. 

Finally, know that we, like you, are monitoring the situation and will adapt to changing circumstances. 

Stay well, safe, and healthy! 

--Counseling Services