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What Can I Do With A Major In Journalism/Documentary Production?

In an “information society” like ours, it is only natural that communication is one of the fastest growing industries. If you have ever dreamed about a career in journalism, radio, television, advertising, public relations or any field that involves using the media to address large and diverse audiences, Flagler’s communication program—that focuses as much on the development of practical skills as on theoretical knowledge—is sure to interest you. But that’s not all: the communication program also helps you develop the verbal, written and public speaking skills that are sought by employers across a wide variety of professions including business, education, government and the non-profit sector.

Possible Career Options

(Some may require further education/specialization)

Broadcast State Manager
Camera Operator
Campaign Director
Community Relations Director/Liaison
Copy Editor
Creative Director
Documentary Producer
Entertainment Agent
Film Director/Producer
Foreign Relations Officer
Freelance Writer/Author
Investigative Journalist
Magazine Writer
Market Analyst
Media Analyst/Buyer/Planner/Relations
News Anchor/Supervisor
Newspaper Reporter
Online Editor
Press Secretary
Public Information Officer
Public Relations Specialist
Research and Editorial Specialist
Sales Representative
Screen/Script Writer
Speech Instructor
Speech Writer
Staff Consultant
Technical Writer
Television Engineer
Tour Guide

Types of Employers

Private & Non-Profit Organizations

Advertising Agencies
Book Publishers
Cable Television
Community Arts Centers
Community Organizations
Educational Organizations
Entertainment Organizations
Film Companies
Financial Institutions
Health Organizations
Investment Firms
Labor Unions
Management/Consulting Firms
Manufacturing Firms
Market Research Companies
News Agencies
Pharmaceutical Companies
Professional Associations
Public Relations Firms
Radio Stations
Retail Stores
Telecommunications Firms
Television Stations

Government Agencies

Cultural Affairs
Department of Labor
Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board
Library of Congress
National Endowment for the Humanities
National Park Service
National Science Foundation
National Telecommunications and Information Administration
Public Health Agencies
Small Business Administration US Information Agency
Voice of America

Transferrable Skills

Transferable Skills
Works well under pressure
Concentrates for long periods of time
Demonstrates a high energy level
Meets deadlines

Communication Skills
Reads, writes and speaks proficiently
Possesses a comprehensive command of grammar and vocabulary
Possesses good listening and interviewing skills

Problem Solving Skills
Makes critical observations and appropriate decisions

Research Skills
Conducts and clearly explains research results
Reads analytically and critically
Understands and uses qualitative research techniques


Experiential Education

Working as a journalist for a newspaper

Editing and proofreading books for a publishing company

Developing newsletters for a non-profit organization

Serving as student editor for a creative writing journal

Researching stories for magazine articles

Writing verses for a greeting card company

Arranging a major specific speaker series conference

Make and edit a promotional video for a company

Professional Associations

Ad Council,

American Communication Association,

American Film Institute,

American Press Institute,

American Society of Media Photographers,

Association for Women in Communications,

National Communication Association,

Society for Technical Communication,

Society of Professional Journalists,

Enhancing Your Employability

Join relevant student organizations to develop leadership skills

Participate in internships and field experience placements

Become active in alumni and/or mentor networks

Write and/or produce for the school newspaper, journal, radio, broadcasting channels

Seek opportunities for recognition and networking through writing/film contest submissions

Source: Rutgers University, Ashland University

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