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What Can I Do With A Major In Education?

A major in Education allows students to explore how individuals learn; acquire techniques of classroom organization and management that allow you to work with diverse groups of people of all age, cultural, linguistic, ethnic and class backgrounds; and explore new and evolving instructional strategies and assessment tools. And—given the growing public school enrollment numbers and the ever-growing demand for smaller class sizes—you will graduate ready to meet the increasing demand nationwide for school teachers.

Possible Career Options

(Some may require further education/specialization)

Academic Advisor
Admissions Counselor
Adult Education Teacher
Arts Enrichment Program Coordinator
Athletics Director
Camp Director
Career Development Director
College Registrar
Continuing Education Program Planner
Cooperative Extension Agent
Corporate Trainer
Curriculum Coordinator
Day Care Center Director
Education Consultant
Educational Advocate
ESL Teacher
Event Coordinator
Foreign Student Advisor
Government Official
Human Resources Administrator
Learning Disabilities Specialist
Market Researcher
Non-Profit Administrator
Peace Corps/VISTA Worker
Personnel Recruiter
Public Information Officer
Public Relations Specialist
Radio/Television Newscaster
Reading Teacher
Research Assistant
School Administrator
School Psychologist
Social Director
Social Worker
State Education Agency Official
Student Affairs Administrator
Student Teacher Supervisor
Tour Guide
Wedding Planner

Types of Employers

Armed Services
Community Clinics
Community Service Agencies
Consulting Organizations
Consumer Products Firms
Cultural Organizations
Educational Publishers
Federal Education Agencies
Financial Institutions
Government Affiliated Schools Abroad
Health Service Providers
Historical Societies
Home Health Agencies
Judicial System
Media/Communications Industry
National Associations and Councils
Pediatric Clinics
Preschool/Day Care Centers
Private Practices
Private Schools - National
Private Schools - International
Public Schools
Regional and National Accrediting Agencies
Rehabilitation Centers
Research and Development Centers
Short/Long-Term Nursing Care
State Boards
State Departments of Education
State/Federal Government Agencies
Veteran Affairs

Transferrable Skills

Listens, interprets and communicates effectively

Demonstrates global understandings of how individual development, cultural diversity, socioeconomic conditions and individual differences influence the opportunities of all individuals to learn and contribute to their full potential

Uses and participates ethically in research and leadership activities

Uses a variety of appropriate and ethical assessment techniques to enhance learning and teaching

Masters appropriate disciplines to engage students in meaningful learning experiences

Integrates educational technology in the teaching and learning processes

Demonstrates reflection on professional strengths and needs and plans for professional development to improve future performance

Assumes the responsibility to be active in the profession

Understands the relationship between schools and the larger culture and school as a culture

Identifies and justifies the standards of professional behavior

Experiential Education

Tutoring students in an after school program or a summer enrichment program

Leading activities as a counselor at a summer camp

Coaching a youth sports team

Presenting economics lessons to classrooms through Junior Achievement

Providing environmental education in a summer park program

Teaching water safety courses for a local Red Cross program

Organizing presentations and exhibits at museums and learning centers

Professional Associations

American Education Research Association,

American Federation of Teachers,

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development,

National Council of Teachers of English,

National Councils for Teachers of Mathematics,

National Council for the Social Studies,

National Education Association,

National Science Teachers Association,

Enhancing Your Employability

Join relevant student organizations to develop leadership skills

Participate in internships and field experience placements

Become active in alumni and/or mentor networks

Take part in mock interview opportunities

Source: Rutgers University, Ashland University

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