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Career Development staff and several students sit at a table on the West Lawn and review a resume.

Your Four Year Plan

The four-year plan is a systematic career-planning program that ensures that you receive comprehensive career guidance. This plan consists of:

1st year: Explore

  • Meet with Career Development Center to explore career possibilities and majors, and to learn about resources offered
  • Begin to develop relationships with faculty, advisors, and key administrators
  • Complete career assessments to assist in identifying your strengths, weaknesses, skills, values and interests
  • Join a student club or organization
  • Talk to upperclassmen who majored in what you plan to major in
  • Find summer employment related to your career interests
  • Take an elective in a major you are considering

2nd year: Prepare

  • Research and apply for internships, summer jobs, and volunteer positions related to your career field
  • Explore companies and shadow professionals in your field of interest
  • Begin working on a resume with Career Development Center
  • Meet with faculty members and advisor to brainstorm career paths
  • Consider whether additional education will be needed for your chosen career path
  • Research specific careers and required qualifications
  • Solidify your major and begin signing up for electives that will assist you in your career path and personal development
  • Begin building a professional wardrobe

3rd year: Action

  • Complete an internship
  • Practice interview skills by scheduling a mock interview with Career Development Center
  • Join student chapters affiliated with the professional associations in your field
  • Begin building a portfolio for your career path
  • Bring your resume to Career Development Center for review
  • Determine if there are other “resume builders” for your field, aside from internships
  • Improve your desired skills- public speaking, organization, problem solving, writing
  • Explore graduate school programs
  • Schedule informational interviews with prospective career contacts
  • Apply for leadership positions on and off campus
  • Register and prepare for graduate school admissions tests such as the GRE, LSAT, MCAT, or GMAT

4th year: Transition

  • Plan to apply and interview for jobs and graduate schools 4-6 months before you graduate
  • Complete a second internship in order to make your resume stand out
  • Plan a strategic job search/finalize your resume and cover letter with Career Development Center
  • Network! Let all of your contacts know that you are looking for entry-level employment
  • Compile a list of references; obtain their permission and collect contact information
  • For graduate school, complete your personal statement and mail your applications
  • Formulate an “Plan B” in case you need to make last minute career adjustments
  • Begin branding and marketing yourself as a professional

Every Year:

  • Set career goals and steps to accomplish those goals
  • Keep track of your accomplishments to use on your resume
  • Attend Career Development Center events, workshops, etiquette dinners, and fairs to meet job recruiters
  • Get in the habit of seeking out opportunities early. Many internships, summer career immersion programs, and job postings have application dates that are well in advance of their start dates
  • Cultivate a career network. Keep in touch with former supervisors, faculty, and individuals you meet through family, friends, clubs, and classes.


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