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Career Development staff and several students sit at a table on the West Lawn and review a resume.

Resume & Cover Letter

Review resumé examples for different majors and minors HERE!

Resumé Tips

A resumé is a brief, detailed summary of your accomplishments in particular experiences.

  • Keep it to one page unless you have significant experience to warrant two pages
  • Use bullets when possible – they are easier and faster to read

Every item on the resumé should be self-explanatory in how it relates to the position you are seeking.

  • The reader should see the connections clearly.
  • If an item needs further explanation you should remove or revise the item to make it clear to the reader.

Quantify your experiences! This allows the reader to understand your abilities to be successful in other areas.

  • Outline your successes, not simply stating job duties.
  • Showcase how you used what you learned more than what you learned.
  • See the measurement of your actual ability relevant to the task
  • Stand out from other candidates who have done the same task with different results.

Language and style showcases a professional image right from the start.

  • Industry expressions show understanding of field.
  • Use appropriate jargon for your audience.
  • Begin your bullets with action verbs to emphasize strengths and qualifications.

Use academic research and projects to exhibit further application in the field

  • Research assistantships
  • Senior seminar papers
  • Capstone and group projects

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