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Career Development staff and several students sit at a table on the West Lawn and review a resume.

Post an Opportunity

We encourage you to post full-time, part-time, internship and volunteer opportunities in our career management system. There is no fee for this service. We serve our current students and alumni.

To have your position approved and posted by Flagler College, you must follow these standards and policies:

  • Include complete organization and contact information (company name, address, website, mission, contact name, contact email, contact phone number).
  • Employment opportunities that require any up-front costs to students in order to work will not be posted. (i.e. membership fees; startup fees; fees for lessons; portfolios or placement fees; or the purchase of tools, samples, or sales kits)
  • Employment opportunities that are commission-based only or commission/draw based will not be posted to current Flagler College students. Organizations wishing to post these positions must specifically state within the advertisement the following, “This position is only available to Flagler College alumni – current students will not be considered for employment.”
  • No job postings will be accepted for student employment as contractors or personal employees in an individual’s home. Including positions advertising childcare, eldercare, housekeeping, yard maintenance, or tutoring.
  • No job postings will be accepted that require a student to meet with an employer or potential employer in that individual’s home or home office.
  • The Office of Career Development Center retains the right to remove any position from the job listing service without consulting or informing the employer who submitted the listing.

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