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Meet the ASL Lab Team

ASL Lab Team

My Flagler Infographic

Chelsea Downes

I am an upcoming senior studying Deaf Education, Elementary Education and a minor in ASL. Additionally, I am Vice President of Club Unity and an active member of Flagler’s archaeology club. Ultimately, my goal is to do research focused on Deaf education of older children (middle-high school). But my short term goal is to pursue my bachelor's and master's degree in Deaf Education to become an itinerant teacher.
My Flagler Infographic

Emily Reimer

I am a senior at Flagler College and my majors include Deaf education, Elementary Education with minors in American Sign Language, and Environmental Science.I am also the President of Deaf Awareness Club and involved in Phi Alpha Omega and an ambassador on campus. In wanting to communicate with by deaf cousin, I started studying ASL in high school. I plan to acquire a master’s degree in speech and language pathology in the future.
My Flagler Infographic

Emma Burns

I am majoring in Elementary Education and Deaf Education. I plan to minor in ASL. I am going into my senior year here at Flagler. I took ASL for two semesters during my senior year of high school at the University of Cincinnati.
My Flagler Infographic

Jared Feek

I am a Hospitality and Tourism Management major with a double minor in Business Administration and ASL. I am currently going into my senior year. My interest in the Deaf culture began from watching Switched at Birth. After taking ASL 1, I knew that I had a strong desire to learn as much about the Deaf culture as possible and to continue on with the ASL minor.